Future at the threshold


The Joint International Forum «AUTON 2020» & «MANF 2020» this year has passed in an unusual online format. The organizers of this event were the National Technological Initiative «Avtonet», FSUE We and Moscow Automobile and Road State Technical University (MADI). The scale of the event, the studies presented became evidence that the automotive world stands on the threshold of revolutionary changes caused not only to digitalization, but promising developments of smart mobility, the processes of creating a «green» transport.

Today, the project of a national massif of large data is being created in its level and scale — the «AUTODAT» platform, which implements the GLONASS non-profit partnership with the participation of the Consortium «Avtodata.ru». Now it includes about 115 organizations, including the subjects of the Russian Federation, the ministry leading technological companies of the Russian Federation, representatives of Kazakhstan and Belarus.

The project is aimed primary, first of all, to protect the security and rights of citizens of the Russian Federation, domestic companies, suppliers and developers of products and services based on the use of large data in the automotive sphere.

Creating a platform «Avtodat» will focus all the data on the car, about the participants of the movement, about pedestrians, infrastructure around the roads and send services to create services that improve the quality of life of citizens.


He noted that by the leadership of the country this initiative is supported by a great support.

Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Alexander Morozov noted that today the «new face» of the automotive industry is created. The digitalization of the transport industry occurs, the driver’s assistance systems are being developed, intelligent transport infrastructure systems. There is a huge and large-scale work on the formation of future generation mobility. And the development in these areas will find support from the profile ministry.

Autodata as a breakthrough


Several major projects are implemented in Europe. Including in the active stage work under the CARUSO project is a platform (mockplate) of large automotive data with the provision of non-discriminatory access and providing support to independent developers. Another project, funded by the European Commission of the Automat — Marketplace of large car data of European countries, in order to disclose the Big Data business potential to create a new type of product and services in the automotive industry of B2B and B2C segments.

In addition to the state level, similar projects are developing large corporations, such as Microsoft, Samsung. The latter began to create a platform based on which it is planned to develop and create a new type of service for users of cars through the use of modern technologies (5G, IoT, Big Data) and solutions based on them.

Officially stated goals of creating a Russian service information and telematics platform «Avtodat» are to achieve world leadership of Russia in the field of creating a large car data array. This will ensure the activities of Russian companies in the global market due to non-discriminatory access to the national data array. Other goals of the National Platform are the improvement of technologies in the auto industry, including ensuring the enforcement and modernization of applicable, as well as the development of new standards relating to information interaction with the car; The accelerated introduction into the transport infrastructure on the basis of information, telematics, navigation and telecommunication technologies in order to ensure road safety, improve the efficiency of the transport complex, the development of the consumer services ecosystem and in the future — the organization of movement in the public roads of fully automated vehicles.

The key trend of the market is the increase in the share of digital services and the number of connected cars. It is predicted that by 2030, the global car park will be 1,300 million units of technology, of which are about 600 million connected cars. It is this process that will grow with an advanced pace of 13% per year, with the annual growth of the global fleet by 1%.

According to Gurko, today in Russia about 30% of the car park is connected either to the state system «ERA-GLONASS», or to the Plato system, as well as to other search navigation information systems. Increasingly, regular navigation and monitoring systems are installed on cars. Today, the Russian Federation is one of the world leaders in the system of connected transport. The volume of the digital services market increases with high rates.

Today, about half the value of the modern car is electronics. Electronic on-board systems perform a special function and contribute to the integration of the vehicle with the BIG DATA system. These are onboard information and entertainment systems; Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS); onboard telematics equipment; Technical vision systems (radars, lidars and other sensors), autonomous vehicles management systems are highly automated and fully automated vehicles, warehouses and robots, etc.

The National Service Information and Telematic Platform «Avtodat» relies on the technology of virtual and complemented reality, artificial intelligence, information technology, wireless technology, cybersecurity, as well as new energy sources for car, robotics and sensories.

The high quality of the «digital resource» Avtodati will be provided by the large-scale collection of data from the car and interfacing them with data from public and private information systems.

Analysis and processing of information with neural networks, continuous data quality control, solving analytical tasks based on «machine learning» will ensure breakthrough development of cross-cutting technologies.

«The» Autodata «platform is a unique tool for digital transformation through the use of data on the operation of cars, for the active development of automotive and related industries, as well as the digital services market.