First fell diesel, then everything else


Despite the negative agenda caused by the raging crisis, it is still worth paying attention to one trend that for some reason remained unnoticed in our automotive information tape.

Our channel closely monitors the condition and development of the automotive market not only our country. So this time we took numbers who published leading European agencies tracking the car market, and saw a sensation about which we rush to share with you.

But first things first. In the past September, according to the statistics of the analytical company Jato Dynamics, he finally occurred in annual terms for minor 1.2% at the neighboring European car market. Negative trend turned out to be refracted.

Further, if you look at the table of the most popular cars in Europe, the special changes did not happen. This is all the same as the most familiar list of European models.

We also pay attention to the eighth line of this rating of the popularity of Old World, the budget model of Dacia Sandero settled on it, which indicates that consumers in the market in Europe have different welfare.


But the main event is still somewhat different, he did not notice the sign Top 10 European car market. Statistics Jato Dynamics shows that in terms of sales (the company monitors sales in 27 European countries) Electrified cars for the first time surpassed cars operating on diesel fuel.

So — not a lot or not enough. What impressed us is that this information came from the «diesel reserve» of the world car market. Europeans have always loved diesel cars.

Of course, this result is strongly affected by the fact that Jato among the so-called electrified cars considers not only electric vehicles, but also plug-in hybrids and complete hybrids, the number of sales is growing greatly. Here is such a tendency. In the end, five years ago, diesel engines were dominant on car markets of the old continent. But the turning point came after the happening of Dieselgit, that’s what after him, in which «Volkswagen» was «lining», and there was a shift to reducing the popularity of cars with motors on a dieselopliva.

As a result, in September of this year, diesel cars occupied only 24.8% of the market in Europe, compared with more than 50% decade ago.

And again, Volkswagen is noticed here, the largest European automaker. In September, the German concern registered 40,300 electrified cars in Europe, which makes it the second largest seller of such cars after Toyota. But if the Japanese automaker basically makes a bet on full hybrids, then German combines Plug-in Hybrids and electric vehicles.

By the way, the newly emerged in the Volkswagen ID.3 market has already shown the result in 7.897 registrations for September. And it was the first month of official sales of the German electric car. It turns out that he became the third in popularity of the electric car in Europe, skipping forward only Tesla Model 3 and Renault Zoe.

As for diesel engines, Last week, the French autoconecern Renault announced that he will no longer develop diesel engines.