Farewell Mondeo.


Russians said goodbye to two years ago with the Ford Mondeo car, when the plant was stopped in Vsevolozhsk. Last year, the remaining cars from dealerships were sold out. And for Russians, the Epoch of Light Ford ended.

The era of cars with blue oval began a quarter of a century ago, when the stream of used cars rushed from Europe to the country. No, then there was no Ford Focus and Ford Mondeo. For us, their predecessors were brought to us because of the Western Lights — Ford Escort and Ford Sierra. And the biggest in size was then Ford Scorpio.

In 1993, the German division of Ford Werke GmbH in Cologne developed a Sierra changer and called it to the French manner «Mondeo» from the word Monde, which is translated as a world. Since then, the whole five generations of the car were released.

At first, Ford Mondeo was brought to us from the Belgian Ford Plant, where it was released for the European market. But when it was decided to expand the plant in Vsevolozhsk, then Ford Mondeo was added to the Ford Focus released there in the model industrial gamut. It was planned that the popular Focus will be made in volumes of about 100 thousand pieces, and the remaining power of 25 thousand pieces per year will be given under Mondeo.

We will be slaughtered ahead and note that the plant has never managed to achieve such a bar. The Russian market could not generate the demand for a large sedan of size class D in such quantities. Today in Russia only produced

Not lucky to Americans in Russia. In 2015, GM left, today

The Russian market is not defining for World Ford models. Demanding was the demand in the European market, American, Chinese. According to the CARSALEBASE resource, last year the European market has been implemented in the European market … 21 222 Mondeo, it is 46% less than in the previous 2019. A car with a blue oval, as you can see, go in Europe out of hand badly, if you consider that the main competitor is a family car for the Burgers Volkswagen Passat divided into 115,000 pieces, that is, five and a half times more.

But if you dig into memory and remember that in now the distant 90s of the last century, Ford Mondeo in Europe was sold by volumes from 200 thousand to 300 thousand pieces. But the «golden age» for Mondeo lasted about a half decades and began to roll to the sunset. And the fact is that demand began to shift into the SUV segment. It did not even help that family German burghers love cars in the body of a wagon. Mondeo in the model European scheme was «shed».

Today, the only Ford Mondeo production base in Europe is located in Spanish Valencia. By the end of the year, the release of the car will stop there. But it is not necessary to worry much, the plant will not close as in our Vsevolozhsk of the Leningrad region. It will go to the release of other models, including hybrid and electro. Only direct heirs model Mondeo will not be.

But completely Mondeo will not go down in history. The fact is that this model is global. Under the name Fusion, it is produced in the USA, where it was sold last year in the amount of 110 thousand pieces. Also Mondeo is sold in China (25 027). In China, the model is not yet going to shoot, there will even be a successor Mondeo, which will be a merchant crossover with Plug-in hybrid power installation. But in the USA, as in Europe also promise to turn the issue of the model.

Last month, Ford’s management reported that by 2026, all the passenger models of the American automaker in Europe will have an electric or hybrid drive, and after 2030, only electric vehicles will remain in the model line. In 2023, Ford will present the Mustang Mach-E electric vehicle on the European market, which is developed with Volkswagen. Production of this car is just scheduled at the Ford Werke plant in Cologne.