Farewell, Liaz


The Russians are not accustomed to the fact that domestic cars, sometimes, are delayed on the conveyor for several decades. Therefore, «like the thunder among the clear sky» this news was sounded. Liaz buses go to history. No, not the entire lineup of the Likinsky bus, but only two deserved models —

«Long-Termians» of the Likin Bus Plant leave his conveyor. Yes, we are not mistaken, there is a conveyor on Liaz. Buses at the enterprise near Moscow are not collecting in stocks, as is customary to other banks in the country.

The first long-year appeared in the late 70s, in the era of the so-called developed socialism, and the second model is already in the Yeltsin 90s.

In that epoch of the developed socialism of passengers in the cities drove

Then in Lviv worked the All-Union Design and Experimental Institute of the bus construction, here to its specialists, and the work was assigned in 1977 to create a three-door modern car, and even necessarily unified with the Hungarian bus Ikarus.

Its first running samples appeared in 1979. And in 1982, in Moscow, Yakutsk, Tashkent, the first experimental buses went on routes for trial operation. In Moscow, the first instance of LIAZ-5256 worked on the route number 6 passing by the «Drummer» cinema and the Moscow Conservatory towards the Zoo on Red Presnya.

Raba’s rear Hungarian bridges were installed on the bus, the front axle was domestic, the diesel engine KAMAZ-740 was prescribed in the engine compartment. Everything would be fine, but, whether the Gorbachev perestroika went too fast, whether the Soviet industry turned out to be nervous, in general, to the beginning of the market transformations of the 90s the bus did not become massive, and its mass production was inhibited. Yes, in addition, in April 1993, a fire occurred at the Kamaz motor factory. Then attempts were made to pick up another engine instead of Kamsky. But in general, the situation in the country so rapidly worsened that in 1996 it was decided to suspend the release of the model.

Helped Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov. After the devaluation of the ruble of the 1998th Hungarian Ikarus, the assembly of which was mastered at the Tushin machine-building plant in the capital from imported sets, was too expensive even for the Moscow budget. Therefore, in 1999-2005, the Moscow City Hall began to buy LIAZ-5256, however, with the Caterpillar engine. It saved Likinsky bus and specifically this model.

This is such a small excursion in history. And then Liaz became part of the Gas Group and the main «pearl» of his bus division. Our channel told

Today LIAZ-5293 bus is no longer released, recent orders. But the final LIAZ-5256 will also go to customers soon. In the product line of the Likinsky bus factory, our veterans are completely replaced by more modern and meet the latest technical requirements of Liaz-5292 low-voltage buses in urban and suburban modifications.

Today Liaz is actively involved in

So before our eyes were replaced by two eras of the bus. In the distant childhood, the riding perfection was «lunohod» LIAZ-677, then, it was changed by three-door 5256 and the Piloxypole 5293, and today the era of domestic low-bodies came on the courtyard.

Choose, Liaz-5256 and Liaz-5293.