Extensive geography.


In the mass consciousness, deeply rooted that, for example, Jeep is an American car and made in America, and Opel will surely come from Germany. But globalization that acceleratedly started in the 90s of the last century, draws a completely different picture. Jeep can come from the south of Italy, and the German Opel from the French town of Sosho.

In Russia, 85% of new cars sold in the market are collected in our country. And only 15% is import. But, as it turned out geography, that is, countries from which cars are being imported, so wide, and sometimes unusual. Our channel decided to clarify this geographic picture of the automotive world.

We made up the top 10 countries, from where cars of foreign automakers are imported and found out which brands and models are carrying from there to the car dealerships of our official dealers.

At the very end of the list of top 10 countries, import cars come from Russia, is located

Turkey, while on the threshold of the European Union for more than three decades, was able to place a number of large automotive industries of foreign automakers under this crossway. They created car mooring aimed at export, and not only to the European Union countries, but also to other markets as the Russian Federation.

About 4,000 Toyota Corolla sedans and C-HR crossovers are brought to us through the Black Sea.

Approximately the same number of cars imported from


From the shores of the Danube to our salons of official dealers, such models are received as crossovers

Also in Hungarian siera is a huge manufacture of Audi engines. But in addition to the engine production, cars are produced here. It is from there that we are imported to


Another british MINI legend is now under the wing of the German BMW. But production in England such models as Clubman and Hatchback (3 and 5 doors) is sharpened and for export, including our market.

Recently, Nissan Juke was supplied from the British town of Sunderland, but this year the deliveries ended, as it was decided the second generation car did not supply to Russia due to a small demand. Nissan model range is limited to local assembly cars.

From the Republic of Belarus

Troika leading importers of passenger cars closes

In second place in terms of car imports in the Russian Federation —

But the most popular imported cars in our country were

German Opel, who recently returned to us under the wing of the French group PSA in practice, turned out to be suck not Germanq. The Opel Crossland X crossover is carried from the Spanish Zaragoza, and Grandland X from French Sosho.

Mercedes-Benz Localized a number of models at the Russian enterprise in the Moscow region. But from Germany still comes to us a-klasse from the plant in Rastadt. From there the GLA model. Several models are imported from Zingelfingen (S-Klasse, CLS, AMG GT). It is noteworthy that the models of the model line brand with a three-beam star are also imported from South Africa, Finland and Austria.

But the cars of the German brand Audi in the Russian Federation are delivered not only from Hungary, as we mentioned above. From the capital of Slovakia, large crossovers Q7 and Q8 are coming. Models A3, A4, A5 from the Bavarian city of Ingolstadt. Models A6, A7, A8 from another neighboring town of Narksulm. But the electric flagship E-Tron is brought from Belgium from Brussels.

Here is the geography of the main streams of imported cars in Russia, which 195 thousand units have imported from the beginning of the year.

While Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan did not enter the rating, the volume of Chevrolet imported from there. But actually

Well, the most exotic country rank has become