Encyclopedia of Lada popularity


In the market of new cars in Russia, fallen by 9% last year,

Daily in Russia to buyers open the doors of 300 Lada branded salons. Last year, from the gate of these dealerships left

The leader remained the same —

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But today

Russians acquired mainly Lada Vesta with a manual gearbox. This version accounted for 85% of all sold «West», with AT — 14%. Also in 2020, remnants were implemented from the production of AMT robot, which accounted for 1% of the total sales of Vesta.

But another universal Lada Largus was expected to change generations all year. And finally it happened. On the conveyor of the Alliance B0 on AvtoVAZ, new cars Lada Largus Fl went.

But back to AvtoVAZ achievements. The top 10 most popular cars in Russia entered the passenger version

And here is the frank «failure» of the year. In the Lada Xray family, only 19,286 cars were sold, it was less than a year earlier at 9,600 cars. Of the more than 19 thousand sold cars, the raised hatchback Xray Cross takes a share of 36%. But what looks like a picture of XRay on transmissions. Lada Xray with mechanics make up 81% of the total number, with automatic transmission of 17%, and again residue removed from the production of AMT robot about 2%.

It is noteworthy that our poor Russian motorist as European loves «mechanics».

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