Effective MAHLE service solutions


To improve the comfort, safety and efficiency of operation, the technologies used in the automotive industry are becoming more complicated. The requirements for maintenance of cars are growing. In the face of Mahle, the owners of the service station and specialists of the car service have acquired a strong partner on which they are relying for 30 years. In addition to the spare parts of the quality of original components, Mahle also supplies innovative and effective solutions for the car service.

Air conditioning equipment

The new generation of ARCTICPRO® air conditioning facilities combines advanced technology with ease of maintenance and provide the highest quality of maintenance of air conditioners, both experienced specialists and newcomers, regardless of the brand of the car and ambient temperature. It is guaranteed a high level of environmental protection. Installations are characterized by intuitively understandable control, have a large touch screen, a state control device, as well as a remote maintenance function. For installations, an exhaustive list of additional equipment, such as hoses, adapters, leak detectors, refrigerant analyzers and much more so that the work is even better and more productive.

In the installations of ArcticPro® implemented the formula of the E3: ecology × efficiency × efficiency

E³ – FILL:




E³ – PUMP:


Popular on the Russian market for installation ARCTICPRO®

ArcticPRO® ACX 110

Installation weighs only 65 kg and very compact — It is a basic lightweight model

∙ High-performance vacuum pump

∙ Tank for refrigerant of 12 l

∙ Durable Metal Case

∙ Menu on 24 languages


ArcticPRO® ACX 350

Our professional installation meets the highest requirements for air conditioners:

∙ Rebuilding to work with refrigerant R1234YF and 513A

∙ Tank for 20 l refrigerant

∙ Large 7-inch Touch Screen

∙ Database of Service Information

∙ Oil safety system: hermetic oil tanks

∙ Verify the output parameters of the air conditioner

∙ Molding gas leakage control system


ArcticPRO® ACX 380

Maximum safety and high accuracy:

Our premium installation

∙ Suitable for maintenance of hybrid cars

∙ Rebuilding to work with refrigerant R1234YF and 513A

∙ Tank for 20 l refrigerant

∙ Large 7-inch Touch Screen

∙ Printer for printing client reports

∙ Database of Service Information

∙ Verify the output parameters of the air conditioner

∙ Molding gas leakage control system

∙ Application for remote access

∙ Oil safety system: hermetic oil tanks

Equipment for maintenance of automatic gearboxes

Convenient design in combination with the latest technologies is MAHLE FluidPro®. These automatic transmission maintenance facilities differ simplicity and perform all work in automated mode.

Distinctive features of MAHLE FLUIDPRO® installations:

• The highest level of purity: no oil pollution is provided by the operation of two pumps, individual oil circuits and an automated cleaning process

• Environmentally friendly: zero mixability — a high-speed program that allows you to safely, conveniently replace the oil type and ensure maximum purity

• economically: the intelligent database quickly provides detailed information on the relevant vehicle specifications and features, such as oil type, system volume, type of adapters and filters

• Effective: Completeness — a simple and intuitive interface will help you quickly and comprehensively automate the service process.

• almost 100 percent liquid replacement each time

• Clear indication of oil quality and transmission oil pressure during maintenance

• Accurate control of the amount of fluid on the principle of double weighing

• Applying removable oil tanks provides easy oil type replacement

• Service time from 5 to 15 minutes

• Hose connections are automatically checked and adjustable, taking into account the flow direction before each service, there is no need to further change this manually

• Automatic transmission temperature check: The flushing process starts automatically, as soon as the oil temperature reaches the desired value

• Private mode: an alternative method of replacing the oil through an oil probe hole

• Mode to extract the oil collector and replacing the transmission oil filter

In 2021, it marks seven years to the Russian division of MAHLE, which through an extensive network of distributors is supplied throughout Russia, to the Republic of Belarus and to the Republic of Kazakhstan. Today, products of all MAHLE brands are available in almost every corner of a huge space from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. To get all the information about MAHLE products and find the official distributor in your area, go to the official website of MAHLE www.mahle-aftermarket.com

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