Duster coming.


Today in the Russian market with a four-year delay, finally, the sales of the second generation Renault Duster crossover began. The Moscow office of the French automaker organized a press tour to Dagestan, where for journalists writing to car topics, test drives of the new crossover were arranged. Today, reports about these «pokatushki» flooded the entire domestic automotive press.

And that’s what’s interesting, many of the writing brethren predict this car almost return to the leaders of the SUV segment of the Russian car market from which he fisoshot

Today in Russia, the second generation of the Renault Duster SUV is only at the very beginning of the conveyor and market life, which will last for several years. Recall that the production of the car is deployed

But, as you know, in the European market, this model is sold since September 2017, after it was represented by the general public at the International Motor Show in Paris, however, under Romanian brand

Since then, to get to Russia, the SUV has undergone a number of significant changes, in particular, he has another motor gamma. As you already guessed, in the European market Duster, in 2019, all atmospheric motors went into the past. We also, the motor gamma remained almost identical Duster of the first generation, including

In the European market DUSTER-2, although it was created on an obsolete platform B0, the roots of which are rising to the Renault Clio of the second generation, and this is already a commended 23-year-old age. Nevertheless, the French-Romanian SUV Dacia Duster was able to offer a modern interior for a more discerning European audience, modern equipment (invincible access, 360 ° viewing chambers, automatic air conditioning with displays in circular controllers, etc.).

However, despite popularity in the European market, the model must be updated. And now the paparazzi was caught Duster in camouflage in the Romanian Carpathians. (See photo) But it is most likely an intermediate version that is a little refreshing the model. But the cardinal update is scheduled for 2024. This, as we remember, was voiced at the presentation.

And so it was possible to find out to our channel. The new, third generation Duster debuts and will be brought to the European market in 2024. Honored B0 (Global Access) platform, on which the second generation of the model is built, will go down in history for Dacia. It is not known how many in Russia we will last a second generation of a popular crossover.


The exterior of the car will turn off the SUV, the appearance of which was shown the sketching version and which will be on the step above, is Dacia Bigster. What will happen to the third generation Duster can be seen on the illustration at the top of the page of this material.

From a number of other characteristics, it is found that the third generation will remain five-seater,

And about some features of Duster-III. It will not be a diesel power unit. Instead, the model will be available in an embodiment with a hybrid drive. The interior will be much richer, with a mild platter, a new design dashboard, which can be seen today in the Dacia Sandero salon of the third generation. In general, the crossover will be very transformed. It will also be released in Romania at Dacia factory.