Delphi Technologies and Tomtom Adas.


Delphi Technologies PLC (NYSE: DLPH) — Novator in the field of motor technologies — along with TomTom (TOM2) — specialist in local technology — announced today that the actual use of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS — Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) in combination with cartographic data Real-time and optimization of software for power plants can ensure fuel savings by more than 10%. The use of this solution will reduce the costs at the expense of equipment that is used on vehicles today, without prejudice to time or for preferred routes.

The results were obtained during the road testing of the «intellectual driving» prototype vehicle using Delphi Technologies using TomTom Adas maps. Testing included a number of mixed routes for checking the advantages of fuel economy system in various actual driving conditions. The TomTom Adas Map program provides the latest high-precision data on speed limitations, information on the strips of movement, slope, curvature of roads and road signs. Intelligent software package for driving Delphi Technologies, along with TomTom data, helps the power plant to optimize speed and management, pre-evaluating road conditions on the way, thereby reducing energy consumption.

«The high efficiency of our cooperation with TomTom demonstrates how our patented intelligent driving system in combination with the right high-precision cartographic data can allow vehicles to ride cleaner, better and further without compromises,» says Paul Farrell, Senior Vice President for Strategy and Corporate Development Delphi TECHNOLOGIES. «We have an excellent solution, supported by real results, which our customers can use today, without waiting for tomorrow, to get a tangible benefit.»

Tests on a 48-volt prototype of a hybrid passenger car showed that driving time remained basically the same as with intellectual driving, and without it. Nevertheless, the efficiency of the operation of the power plant was significantly increased when the TomTom Adas Map system was activated. Tests conducted with various drivers who choose their preferred routes have demonstrated the adaptability of the system and the ability to give the result regardless of driving experience.

«Tomtom Adas Map is a tested and proven technology that today helps more than 1.5 million automated vehicles to manage security and comfort all over the world,» says Villem Stryibos, Head of the Autonomous Driving Department TomTom. «Our cooperation with Delphi Technologies shows that the newest generation of our high-quality ADAS technology can significantly reduce operating costs at the expense of fuel consumption.»

Intelligent Driving Suite (Intelligent Control Program) functions as an adaptive cruise control technology (ACC — Adaptive Cruise Control), while the driver may include a system at wis! It uses TomTom data to pre-configure the entire route, actively adjusting the vehicle speed to achieve the best indicators of energy saving on turns, on direct and visible areas of roads, as well as using onboard cameras and remote sensing technologies to account for local traffic.

The kit is designed to be hardware-neutral, which means that it is compatible with almost any vehicle using autonomous and connected technologies. The kit can also be integrated into all types of motor settings. Compatibility and the ability to integrate a set make it ideal for conjugation with ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) and such navigation service providers like TomTom.

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