Delphi diesel centers for the secondary market


Delphi Technologies is one of the few who develop and produces diesel and gasoline and gas control systems.

The proportion of Delphi Technologies in the market of diesel systems for heavy and passenger automotive equipment. So, produced by the company Diesel systems installed by almost a quarter of the world fleet of cargo machinery and 15% passenger. In addition to automotive transport, the area of operation of diesel engines is as huge. This is a road train, special and agricultural machinery, generators, etc.

Most of the components of diesel fuel equipment (DTA) are suitable for repair, i.e. For this purpose, special technologies have been developed. As a result of the repair, nodes and details return all those properties that are possessed by absolutely new components.

Such technologies are implemented in authorized service centers. They are called Delphi Diesel Center (DDC) — Delphi Diesel Center.

Diesel centers are located worldwide. It is accepted for restoration All DT components produced by Delphi Technologies. Each such an enterprise is authorized for repair by corporate technologies. For example, COMMON RAIL Injectors repair centers.

Currently, there are 72 authorized Delphi diesel centers in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. For comparison: in 2016, such services were only 37.

Delphi diesel centers are highly developed in the technical network. It offers customers solutions in the field of diagnosis and repair of diesel cars. All work is carried out according to standards and using Delphi Technologies technologies.

Delphi centers are equipped with Hartridge equipment, which allows the high-quality repair of all elements of fuel equipment. Such enterprises operate qualified specialists. These centers have direct access to information and original Spare parts of Delphi Technologies. If difficult, non-standard cases or warranty repair arise during work, these enterprises can always handle technical support directly.

Such conditions allow Delphi diesel services to serve the existing fleet of vehicles and energy plants equipped with all types of fuel systems produced by Delphi Technologies. Moreover, it doesn’t matter what was repaired — old traditional pumps or modern pump-nozzles and Common Rail systems. Diagnostic and repair equipment used in diesel services applies to a wide range of car brands. It is Volvo, Daf, Renault, Hyundai, John Deere, JCB, Kia, Mercedes, VW and others.

The authorized Delphi Diesel Center network meets the strict criteria for the company.

Features repair nozzles on DDC

Delphi diesel centers have all the necessary equipment to restore the components of the diesel system according to the technology on which they specialize. This concerns not only the build-disassembly and replacement of damaged nodes — with this, as practicing shows, almost any car mechanic can cope. Everything else in diesel centers will be tested, calibrate the restored nozzle, as well as generate a new parameter code for it. Repair with subsequent testing in all modes and code generation is the only true type of repair of nozzles from Delphi Technologies!

The ideology of repairing Delphi is aimed at simplifying and automating the process. No need to select multiple adjusting washers, adjust the air gaps to bring the nozzle to the required factory parameters. The nozzle is simply tested in all modes and, according to the results of this measurement, it is assigned a digital code.

After performing the entire series of repair work, Delphi diesel centers will not only give you an absolutely efficient and proven item, but will give it a guarantee. Of course, the warranty will be complete if the nozzles will establish all the recommendations of Delphi and the automaker. It is very important for fine and precision design, which are diesel injectors. After all, these electromechanical products, unfortunately, can be easily damaged by inept appeal.

Another important principle that is respected on Delphi diesel services is that after installing the repaired nozzles, the motor resource is not reduced. The item after repair fully corresponds to the specifications of the absolutely new product, exactly the same as it was installed at the factory.

Thanks to the specialization, Delphi diesel centers have extensive experience in solving various problems and eliminating defects, based on local specifics. This is important for the operational and reliable solution to the problem of the client’s technique.

With the help of the Delphi Diesel Center network, the company supports diesel systems on the secondary market and seeks to facilitate their customers. Each year the number of diesel centers increases, covering all new regions. For the final client, the repair of equipment in specialized DDC saves time to obtain original parts and high repair technologies.

And this eventually keeps nerves and saves money.