Dayco in partnership with Maserati — hybrid technology optimization


Dayco company, as a leading specialist in the field of drive systems and components of engines for the automotive industry and after-sales service, is not only considered a preferred provider of solutions and high-tech components for original equipment worldwide, but also a strategic technical partner in the development and production of full systems.

A recent example of this role is demonstrated in relationship with Maserati, for which the DAYCO team has developed and manufactured an individual solution for the BSG full hybrid system (starter-generator generator with a built-in belt), also known as the P0 architecture, for a soft hybrid engine (MHEV) Maserati Ghibli car Hybrid.





О Dayco

Dayco is a global leader in the development, design, production and supply of basic drive systems, as well as components sold in the secondary market for automotive, construction, agricultural machinery and industrial equipment.

Due to its experience in creating systems providing silent and efficient power transmission, Dayco has become the world’s largest supplier of system solutions for hybrid electric vehicles. More than 100 years of experience in developing drive systems, accumulated by Dayco, allows us to supply customers from all over the drive systems, which most efficiently satisfy the specific requirements for them to the characteristics of the equipment regardless of the area of ​​its use. The global global distribution network DAYCO product distribution network provides a secondary market for a complete range of sets and individual products that allow you to meet the requirements of all local markets.

This work is carried out by our global team, which is deeply dedicated to its work, is distinguished by mutual respect, constantly developing and improving, and also takes full responsibility for everything that does.

Dayco is more than 40 offices in 22 countries and about 4,000 employees.

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