Czech Skoda will scorch everything from Russia


The presentation of the achievements of the Czech automotive industry Skoda, inspired many interesting thoughts, especially in part of her policies in the Russian market. Busy, but the Russian Federation is the third largest market for the Czech automaker. More «skating» is sold only in China and Germany. Russia turned out to be the only country where the sale of Skoda cars in 2020 increased by 6.8%. And all other markets asked.

In principle, in the geography of sales while the roll is obvious to the old continent. If you fold the total all sales in the markets of Western, Central and Eastern Europe, then two of the three «skating» (656,300 pieces) is implemented here. But the Czech automaker believes the most promising market … India. Although there sales are far from reaching Russian.

The thing is that the Volkswagen Group has occurred the division of markets for the curability of subsidiaries, and in this division of labor

Therefore, Skoda AUTO was in an interesting position. On the one hand, she needs to be in the European trend of electrification, and on the other hand, invest in development in these supervised markets. Speaking with the report, Thomas Shefer, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Skoda AUTO, stressed that Volkswagen Group assumes additional development obligations in regions such as Russia and North Africa, which are «regions with great potential.»

What is hiding under this mysterious phrase? And in this case, we must remember what. In 2019, as you know, the VW Group has signed a special kontraktract (SPIK) with the Ministry of Industry of the Russian Federation, where it is necessary to invest in the amount of 61.8 billion rubles. This is at that time in terms of the currency rate of that time more than $ 1 billion. The amount is significant. It is clear that its part will go to the conveyor of new Skoda / Volkswagen models. But additional obligations mean production. And here there are a long-ranged plan for an increase in the production capacity of the motor factory in Kaluga from 150 thousand to 300 thousand motors per year. And the beginning of the release of a well-known Turbomotor 1.4 TSI, in addition to

Skoda Auto plan

At the conference, other plans for a new decade with three priorities were announced. So, as part of the NEXT Level Skoda program, the company expands the line of models in the budget segment, which will help to attract new customers. The second direction is the development of new markets for future growth in the mass segment. In addition to Russia and North Africa, the company also examines the possibilities in the ASEAN region. Thirdly, the brand adheres to the principles of sustainable development and diversification of production in all aspects of their work. Within the framework of the «Strategy of the Green Future», the company has committed itself to reducing CO2 total emissions from their activities by 30% in the period from 2015 to 2025. The first enterprise with zero emissions of CO2 was the plant of Skoda in Vrochlabi.

And from the nearest plans, Schaefer told: «Currently we develop the following generations Superb and Volkswagen Passat in Mlada Boleslav and will produce from 2023

Relating to the near plans, then Skoda launches model on the global market

A few days ago, Yang Khack, the head of the Czech brand in Russia announced the plans of the Czech concern regarding our market. The Budget Crossover Kushaq will not be sold in the Russian market. We will also be deprived of both Skoda Octavia versatile. The organization of the issue in Nizhny Novgorod wagon is expensive, and the import of a car from the Czech Republic will affect his price tag. Therefore, in Russia there will be only a car in the body of Liftbek, which today is