Crawling expansion, or as the Chinese enter Russia from the south


How often the information flashes reports that there are certain new models on our market. At the same time, Chinese names flashed in them.

But if you keep your hand on the pulse of such messages, then the attentive look does not dwell, that in them, everything more often flashes

Meanwhile, the Chinese automaker leads a quiet and invisible expansion in our market.

Our channel decided to analyze the steps of this automaker and evaluate its prospects, and we found a lot of interesting facts, which we told.

In the summary of the European Business Association (AEB), which monthly reports on the results of sales of new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in Russia, we could not find the tracks of this automaker. Such a brand is no matter.

But if you open the Russian site of this company, it can be found that it leads very active activities on the expanses of one seventh of the sushi. The official dealers of the Jac brand work in 36 cities of the country.

Since the brand is still little-known in the environment of Russian motorists, then its indicators are not so big as

If the leader of the segment

Jac acts strictly by a specific plan. Whether this company will have one of the leaders of the Chinese segment of the Russian car market — an intriguing issue that we will leave unanswered. But, in turn, we note that a quiet imperceptible expansion has such an interesting fact. Jac goes under the control of German Volkswagen.

And since the Germans will develop, including

In the present expansion of the model range and the creation of a solid production base in the territory of the Customs Union of the Russian Federation, RB and Kazakhstan. Note that this means all the leaders of the Chinese segment of the domestic car market are coming. The Chinese automaker acquired a production base in neighboring Kazakhstan. In Kostanay (formerly Kustana), the plant «Saryarkaavtoprom» works, which produces the model line of the JAC. The power of the enterprise is 50,000 cars per year. True, along with JAC, there is an assembly of models of other brands, such as Chevrolet. But at the same time, the junior crossovers JAC S3 are made here on the full cycle with welding and coloring body. And since

Recently announced that by the end of the year, official dealers in the Russian Federation will appear the oldest crossover of the JAC line — S7. To present in which class it is positioned, here is its indicators: Length — 4776 mm, Wheel base — 2750 mm. On the home market is available with a non-alternative front-wheel drive and a 1.5 turbo engine, which works in a pair with 6-speed «mechanics» or «robot». The car will be removed until the end of the year.

And the other day a message appeared that the Liftback Jac J7 was started in neighboring Kazakhstan. The company called it affordable. But in fact, it turned out that the car is positioned in the mid-sized class (D-class). His design, judging by the photo, stylish, as Daniel Galon worked on the design of Lifbeca, before the «drawing» model Alfa Romeo and Maserati. That is, the car will be presented in the class of New Kia K5. Under the hood of JAC J7 is hidden a non-alternative gasoline unit with a working volume of 1.5 liters with four row-oriented cylinders, an aluminum unit, a turbocharger, direct injection of fuel, 16-valve Type DOHC type and adjustable gas distribution phases generating 150 liters. with.