Chinese trucks are ready for the second wave in Russia


As you know, the first wave of Chinese trucks flooded the Russian market in 2004. It was so unusual, and was characterized by the fact that it was mainly represented by construction dump trucks with unusual brand names for our ear: Howo, Hanya, Shaanxi, BeiFeng Benchi, Faw, Foton, Jac, Nord Benz, etc.

Our cargo transporters from the construction complex enterprises quickly drew the benefits of Chinese cargo equipment. We will not sharpen attention on this issue. Everyone knows well for which reasons have become a highly popular technique from the Middle Kingdom.

Enough, mention that China’s most popular on the Russian market in 2008 showed the third result in the competition of foreign cars, skipping forward Volvo and Scania. However, the first wave ended in 2009, when the first barrier measures were taken.

The wave also sharply hit, as unexpectedly formed in several years earlier. Now illegal and semi-legal imports were covered, mostly Chinese dump trucks were purchased from official dealers. The amount of their implementation decreased several times.

But today, after a decade, the cargo market of the country is clearly facing the beginning of the second Chinese wave. This is evidenced by the statistics data that our channel systematized in the table.

Table 1 Sales of Chinese trucks in the Russian Federation

A total of 2,434 Chinese trucks have been implemented since the beginning of the year, this is a record number of cars since 2013. Thus, it is possible to state the fact that Russia is on the threshold of the «Second Chinese Wave».

It is amazing that, despite various barrier measures, the Chinese have surrendered and ready to go to the offensive. After all, during this period, the quality improvement of Chinese equipment occurred. She did not stand still. As long as our state is jealous of the interests of the largest automaker in the CamaZ truck segment, the Chinese, and more precisely their dealers have not lost a niche, and gradually increase the revolutions. True, the leader was changed. If during the first wave the main Chinese selflessness was undoubtedly the HOWO of Sinotruk (CNHTC). From the very beginning of the decade, Shaanxi became the main Chinese dump truck in Russia.

Of course, the total number of Chinese sold is comparable to the results of the Swedish Volvo, but more than the result of MAN, Mercedes-Benz, DAF, as well as the Belarusian MAZ.

True, before the leader of the domestic market, Chinese trucks are still far away. Today, eight new kamaz accounts for one Chinese truck.

table 2

The most popular brands of trucks in the Russian Federation