Chinese dump trucks rush again into leaders


The market of trucks, as well as the whole world today, reaps the fruit of the crisis caused by a pandemic and locked. The consumption has decreased, and the cargo has become smaller, it means that the flesh of the cargo equipment has become less likely. Everything is very logical and explained.

Recently, data on the market for the market of cargo engineering of Russia over the past 10 months from the beginning of 2020 were published. He showed a decline — minus 7.4%. General sales of medium-room and heavy-class technology decreased to 58,488 pieces. For the same period last year, 63129 trucks were implemented. (See Table. 1)

According to AA Autostat, the fall in the 10 months of this year on the Russian market of new trucks, compared to the same period 2019, was at Volvo (-22.3%), Scania (-6.9%), MAN (-28%) , Mercedes-Benz (-18.1%).

But what is interesting, the sales of dump trucks rose on this inside background. And what exactly, this is how to sensation. So, in order.

Table 1

Top brands of cargo machinery in the Russian Federation in 2020

Today, all regions of the country are working to fulfill the national project «Safe and Qualitative Roads 2.0». This, in turn, makes a request for updating construction and road equipment. The main role in which building dump trucks, of course, is played. In addition, our federal bodies try to dig a building market of housing, spinning various mortgage mechanisms. And in this part of the construction complex there is a need for construction dump trucks.

Our channel analyzed the segments of the cargo engineering market and found a sensation that you now, dear readers, tell.

From the domestic manufacturers in this segment of cargo equipment two shock models serve Kama dump trucks —

But, as you know, not only stone dump trucks work on domestic construction projects. Almost half are foreign models. And here we will understand a little deeper.

Total in the Russian market for 10 months first

But in comparison with last year, the increase in the market of «foreign» dump trucks was 2%. This testifies only to the fact that the share of Kama trucks in the dump segment is slowly reduced.

But now it is worth more closely to look at the segment of foreign cars with dumping superstructures. And here we have prepared a little sensation for you. (table 2)

The leader in the segment was the Chinese three-axis SHAANXI SX3258 dump truck with a 19-cubic dump truck. But if you look at the entire list of the top rating of foreign dump trucks, it is easy to detect that

But the best situation characterizes the speaker. The high growth of dump trucks from the Chinese brand FAW, there is no such growth in any representative of the «big European seven». Somewhat lower Growth at Shaanxi (Shacman). But in a number of representatives of the European auto industry indicators and at all negative (Volvo FM and Scania P).

Analyzing these figures can be clearly seen a long-term trend on the growth of the popularity of Chinese dump trucks. Apparently, the Russian market of freight technology is at the beginning of the «New Chinese Wave». It is obvious that the leader of the Chinese marathon in the Russian market will not be well replied over the years of the previous Chinese first wave of the HOWO brand. Today, the brainchild of the Sinotruk concern (CNHTC) demonstrates a negative dynamics. Therefore, the «edit the ball» on this diversal holiday of life will be others. As you can see

Table 2 Sales of dump trucks of foreign brands Top 10 for 10 months. 2020, pieces

Two successful Shaunxi dump truck models — three-axis SX3259 and four-axle SX3318, as you can see, not bad declare yourself. In general, this Chinese brand strengthened positions in the Russian market by 23.7%, compared with last year’s result. Notice, this happens in the crisis when all brands have a rare exception in the minus results. Chinese brands plus, with the exception of HOWO.

Recall, the first Chinese wave fell on the middle and end of the past decade. But after the crisis of 2009, when barrier measures were taken to limit the importation of Chinese equipment, it sharply hit.

But what will be a new Chinese wave, which bridgeheads will capture Chinese technology, whether various measures will be introduced against it, which KAMAZ will take part in their lobbying. While everything is covered with a mystery. Our channel will follow the trend open we open, and inform your readers.