Chevrolet come from the south


According to the Committee of Auto Producers of the European Business Association for the past November in Russia sold all … 44 cars of the Chevrolet brand. These are large American SUV — Chevy Tahoe and Chevy Traverse. Everyone remembers that when General Motors, rather, for political reasons, decided to leave the Russian car market, it was decided to leave large models for the American market.

In March of the current year, the news that General Motors and his Uzbek partner Uzauto Motors decided to start selling cars previously represented in our country under the Ravon brand, now with the Chevrolet logo.

The new Korean brand Ravon did not meet expectations imposed on it. Recall, in 2018, 5,183 cars of this brand were sold in the Russian Federation. In fact, under the newly well-known Korean brand hid well-known Chevrolet budget cars.

But let’s go back these days. In fact, the return of the «Golden Cross» in Russia occurred in mid-June, when sales started. The official distributor of Uzbek Chevrolet in the Russian Federation was the company «Keles Rus».

Keles Rus is a joint venture Uzauto Motors (Uzbekistan) and Saryarkaavtoprom (Kazakhstan). At the same time, the delivery of the younger car ruler

Now more than three dozen dealer centers work in Russia, and in promising plans to increase their number up to 50, and then all major cities reach 120-130 DC at all. That is, ambitious plans for the coverage of Russian territory are being built.

But any knowledgeable person knows that without a good model range, success will not come. Therefore, in addition to three models that, in turn, will also be upgraded, it is important to provide a model in the current SUV class. And such a model plan to put on the conveyor and lead to Russia.

It just became known that the National Automaker Uzbekistan Uzauto Motors will receive a syndicated loan of 150 million euros from the Swiss Financial Group Credit Suisse AG. These funds will be aimed at mastering the production of new models on the reduced platform of the Global Emerging Markets (GEM), which, including undergoes

Uzauto Motors expects to adjust the production of a new Tracker for the next top three years. Moreover, deep localization is assumed: the production of engines, drive elements and brake systems organize in the territory of this country.

As for Chevy Tracker, he made his debut in China in 2019. SAIC-GM joint ventures and Brazilian plant São Caetano do Sul are engaged in assembling crossovers. The Chinese version of Tracker is available with a lithuanic volume turbotroide with a capacity of 115 hp Combined with a six-speed «robot» with two clutches. In other markets, Tracker is also offered with a volume of 1.2 and 1.3 liters, «mechanics» or machine gun. The drive can be both front and complete.