Caution, again counterfeit!


Vladivostok Customs prevented imports into the territory of Russia Party of counterfeit automobile spare parts Delphi Technologies — Crankshaft position sensors No. S213611021.

Almost a couple of months from the moment Vladivostok Customs detained in May 2020, the L015PBB counterfeit spray guns, intended for repairing pump-nozzles A3 / 1 series with the BEBE4B10002 & Bebe4B10102 catalog numbers. The goods were packed in the old packaging of Delphi with a red oval and with the specified country of production Turkey.

This time, the violators of the law tried to introduce illegally into the territory of the Russian Federation the sensors of the crankshaft position Delphi Technologies, sparking the details in the normal package. The operational actions of customs officers prevented the importation of counterfeit spare parts under the trademark of Delphi Technologies.

When carrying out customs control, signs of illegal use of the Delphi trademark were identified.

Delphi Technologies confirmed to employees of Vladivostok customs, which did not give permission to use its trademark to the violator company, which tried to bring the goods to the territory of the Russian Federation.

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