Car blowing


Now they are in our country exactly 750 thousand. Back in mid-year, statistics reported on 724 thousand pieces. And although the Renault Logan sedan, which today in the Russian fleet takes the fourth line among foreign cars, skipping ahead Kia Rio, Hyundai Solaris and Ford Focus, but he took a special place in Russia, became a certain perturbator of calm. But first things first.

Three-quarters of a million budget sedans, which turned the development of the country’s automotive market, created a new class of «folk sedans», became a symbol of change in the market. Even today, the localization of their release in Togliatti on domestic AvtoVase has a symbolic meaning.

But even recently, almost all of the past decade, the products under the LADA brand dominated the Russian market. About one million units were sold on the radiator on the radiator, and the People’s Artist Irina Allegrova in his songs challenged the cult of front-wheel drive «nine».

That is already distant time in Moscow arrives the chief of the French company Renault Louis Schweizer. He as a man creative and creative is trying to find out the secret of the mass popularity of Lada models. He visits car dealerships and makes a conclusion for itself: for such developing markets, a special model is needed. And she will be secured. Upon returning to France, the design of such a car model begins. The project was assigned an intra-water designation X90. It was planned to create a compact family car with a starting price of 5,000 euros. When designing, thanks to the use of computer modeling, a single pre-production sample was created. To achieve a planned mark of 5,000 euros, the developers applied a number of solutions to reduce costs both at the stage of the car design and in the process of its production. From other Renault models, proven roads and parts and details were borrowed.

In general, the Logan car with the body «Sedan» was presented in 2004. Then his serial production began in Romania under the brand name Dacia Logan. And a year later, the assembly of these cars started in the capital of our Motherland Moscow, at the enterprise Autoframos (cars France Moscow on the Volgogradsky Prospect of the capital). In 2014, the assembly of the Logan sedan and the Sandero hatchback was transferred to AvtoVAZ. And since the basis of this family of the machine is the so-called «platform B0», then the factory conveyor is called the factory conveyor to the assembly on this platform.

The car was very successful, it’s not for nothing that he ranked the fourth line of the country’s foreign car rating, and soon the Ford Focus would knock off, which we stop producing. True, the first generation of the car had a non-pie design, which played a certain joke with him. After all, the Hyundai Solaris and Kia Rio, who came out at the very beginning of the current decade, had aesthetic design and, based on their success, the design takes not the most recent place. However, in the Logan’s asset and high permeability, and non-insensitive suspension, and simple and durable motors.

Renault Logan’s popularity was high last decades, and in 2009 he became a foreign car number 1 of the Russian market. Today, Logan in terms of sales is inferior to the following foreign cars Kia Rio, Hyundai Solaris and Volkswagen Polo.

For 15 years of release of Renault Logan on the Russian market, customers with a manual gearbox have become the greatest demand for customers — more than 83% of sales. Since 2010, an automatic transmission is presented in the model line, and since 2018, CVT X-Tronic is available at Logan Stepway — there are 17% of sales to these transmissions. Today in the motor range, the client may, depending on the version, select between two engines: 1.6 liters (82 hp or 102 hp) and 1.6 l with a capacity of 113 hp At present, Renault Logan is available at 675 thousand rubles, while Logan Stepway is from 801 thousand rubles.

In 2018, the Renault Logan Stepway cross sedan appeared in the ruler, which distinguishes off-road design with plastic body protection and high ground clearance up to 195 mm. Today, Renault Logan Stepway accounts for more than 50% of the model sales, the press service of the French brand reports.

However, the second generation of Logan is so successful that Lada Online’s bloggers believe that the Domestic Lada Granta of the next generation will almost completely repeat the Frenchman.

But the most burning and intriguing question today is when we will present the third generation of Logan, whose premiere took place in September.

This is a breakthrough model, which is built on the new CMF-B platform. In her appearance, there is no longer that simple «Logan.» But what is the intrigue, so this is when the third «Logan» will put on the conveyor of the domestic AvtoVAZ. With this model, our car market will go to the first million Logan, which is created and inspired by the Russian market.