Car, «blowing» Russian market


This event was ten years old. Then the «revolution» occurred on the Russian automotive market. Her at first practically did not notice. But today, with its consequences, every automaker operating in the Russian Federation and producing cars here is forced.

The fact is that on September 21, 2010, a solemn opening ceremony of the Korean Hyundai Corporation enterprise was held in St. Petersburg, and the first car SOLARIS came down from the conveyor. The event is important, but in a series of similar not so super-original. Then, at the beginning of the decade, other automotive production of other manufacturers on the territory of the Russian Federation opened.

«Initially, in 2010, Hyundai Motor planned to produce about 100 thousand cars in Russia a year. But soon it became clear that the productivity of the plant should be significantly higher, because our cars began to enjoy good demand among Russian buyers. Now Hende Motor Manufacturing Rus produces more than 200 thousand cars per year, being the second largest automaker in the country, «recalls the General Director of Hende Motor Manuff Turing Rus. Sleep Köngsu.

And here the question arises, and why Hyundai Solaris began to use such wonderful demand?

There are several reasons, but we will pay attention to one of the main. The fact is that the first generation of the car Hyundai Solaris was positioned as «People’s Sedan», that is, in the classroom of state employees. But the Renault Logan’s dominant in the Russian market in the design plan was so utilitarian enough with chopped body forms, that on his background, the new Hyundai Solaris with a smoothly defined forms looked like «just handsome». This in particular bribed the beautiful half of the domestic motorists who liked the car in the body of the hatchback. This is the «revolution» then happened.

The budget car can be beautiful — the Koreans proved. This is the result. And today he follows all automakers producing cars in the Russian Federation. Look at the latest examples. Handsome cross-coupe Renault Arkana, who was debuting last year in the French automaker. A pretty pair of new Liftbeks Skoda Rapid and Volkswagen Polo, debut just. And now the change of generations Renault Logan and Renault Sandero, the truth is still in the form of the Romanian analogue of Dacia Logan / Sandero.

But back to the Koreans. For 10 years, more than 2.1 million cars have left the conveyor of the Hyundai Motor plant in St. Petersburg. And the price tag «beauty» Solaris and then appeared no less cute Kia Rio compiled a breathtaking amount. General investments in the construction and development of the enterprise exceed 1 billion dollars. Currently, the plant produces Hyundai Solaris sedan and

Today, St. Petersburg produces new generation cars, the design of which is already somewhat different, in the spirit of time and corporate trends. Just on the conveyor got up

Increase productivity and improve the quality of cars by the Russian plant Hyundai Motor, including the increase in production automation level. At the time of the beginning of mass production, 111 robots were installed at the factory, and now their number exceeds 240 units. Also, in St. Petersburg, the construction of the Russian Motor Plant Hyundai WIA began in St. Petersburg. The company is located in close proximity to the Hande Motor Manuff Turing Rus. The production line of the new enterprise will be launched in October 2021. Investments in the construction of the engine plant will be about 13.1 billion rubles. The company will produce