Business with lesjöfors.


When it comes to the car suspension, a saying that the reliability does not happen a lot of reliability. Probably because the specialists of the Swedish company Lesjöfors offer not only standard, but also reinforced suspension springs, and support their suggestions with a three-year warranty.

Lesjöfors works with steel since 1675. Today it is a company with the widest range of springs, springs and gas stops for cars of all classes, models and brands. The company is constantly expanding and actualizes the product line, looking for fresh technical solutions, but at the same time, in its entirety retains its warranty obligations to the entire product group.

Maintenance stations are convenient to acquire the entire product line of the supplier. Lesjöfors screw springs have a special labeling and original packaging, which allows you to track the product at all stages — from production to implementation. But the final consumer is not interested in so vividly as the price of the part. The benefit of the acquisition of Lesjöfors products will become apparent if you take the cost of the spring, add the cost of work and the manufacturer’s warranty or supplier to it. For this «formula», the cost of ownership of the spring Lesjöfors under its operation within three years it may be several times lower than that of the «original» or the spring of economybrend.

On comparative tests, the lesjöfors spring successfully maintains a million full compression cycles. Econombrends, as a rule, do not pass and the quarters of this «distance». It is worth taking into account that the car owner will certainly be able to feel comfort from the interaction of the lesjöfors springs with shock absorbers, and a contented client is a regular client. However, when the item is selected, it is very important that the article is selected according to the Lesjöfors directory and is drilled with the VIN-code of the vehicle.

The reliability of the springs affects the service life of the entire suspension, but it is also important to correctly install a high-quality part. Sometimes, by mounting the screw spring without special equipment, it is possible to undergo an unjustified risk, damage the new spring or adjacent pendant components. The cylindrical spring with linear stiffness and the same form at the ends can be installed arbitrarily. The progressive rigidity spring must be installed by the progressive part. This requirement is due to the fact that the lower coils of the spring are more susceptible to sticking dirt and with complete closure of turns, it may faster to destroy the anti-corrosion coating of the part. But it is corrosion that is the most critical factor that leads to a breakdown of the spring.

And Lesjöfors independently and in the Commonwealth with other manufacturers regularly conducts trainings, seminars and webinars, which introduces the peculiarities of springs, springs and gas stops. The company’s specialists are always ready to answer customer questions and provide them with the information they need.

Features of the screw springs

• Most cases involves installing only in one way, since the diameter between the turns at the ends of the springs is different

• Cylindrical spring with linear rigidity and the same form at the ends can be installed in any position.