Buses of nefhas left for three years


Recently, a large press conference of CEO KAMAZ Sergey Kogogina took place. On it, the head of the Kama Avtohyganta spoke about the development of the company’s bus direction. Our channel seemed interesting to a number of his statements about the future brand of passenger technology of the NEFAZ, which we are in a hurry to share with readers, because this valuable information is first hand.

As you know, the date of the base of the Buses of Buses is nefhas can be considered 2000. Recently, the 20th anniversary celebrated in Neftekamsk. And this is what pays attention to. For a long time, the main model of the plant in Neftekamsk was the city bus NEFAZ-5299.

True, over time, the production of a suburban model and a long-distance bus was mastered, but in fact, it is the same bus, with minor changes in the cabin in the number of doors, location and type of seats, etc. Bet on a big city bus justified itself. The annual production volume was within 1000-1500 pieces, and buses of nefhas, in general, without difficulty found demand. An attempt to expand the model line and go to where the Pavlovsky bus of the GAZ Group dominates today, was undertaken in 2011, in cooperation with the Brazilian manufacturer Marcopolo. It was a BRAVIS model. But while it does not find mass demand from carriers. And today attempted to go out into the middle class. The NEFAZ-4299 bus was shown at the ComTrans 2019 exhibition.

Considering such a long time interval, you can notice that it was necessary to do it earlier. And in an interview, we found an explanation from Sergey Kogogin’s mouth. He declared: «

Now understanding why the KAMAZ bus division so slowly developed in terms of creating a wide model line.

Today, according to the head of KAMAZ, the Neftekamsky plant, has already fulfilled the annual business plan and in terms of the volume of release — 1560 units of passenger engineering were produced. Annual revenue will exceed 26 billion rubles. On a day, he produces 8 buses, but next year there is a doubling of production volumes.

On the plans to increase the production capacity of the enterprise for the production of buses in Neftekamsk, our channel told in June of this year. We will remind our readers that it is worth the task of increasing the production capacity of up to 3000 buses per year. As part of an increase in the production capacity, enterprises will be reorganized, new technological complexes at all stages of the release of passenger transport will be reorganized. For example, new priming cameras that are built into the second and third line assembly-welding buses. The new two-position painting and drying chamber, designed by the NEFAZ PJSC, together with PC TSNIT LLC (Moscow), is designed for the color of the brunt’s body 12 m long and 3 m height.

These events are important as a production base for the strategic development of the bus direction. And here Sergey Kogogin did not bypassed the question of strategic plans. The head of KamAZ said how cut off: «

«There is a program, within the framework of which the 9-meter bus is already designed, the 18-meter is assembled and the test is underway, and the next 18-meter electricity will be. I am pleased that the electricals and buses ride through the streets of our capital. Perhaps this is a subjective opinion, but it seems to me that they are the most beautiful passenger transport in Moscow, «Sergey Kogogin shared the impression.

Today, the strategy for the bus direction is focused on the creation of a universal modular platform, which is now being developed together with St. Petersburg Polytechnic University.

«We want to design the entire spectrum of buses and electrics from 9 to 18 meters in the body with better characteristics. Only, we can establish exports to Europe, «said Kamaz leader.


Not without question about the project assembly of electricians in Moscow. Today it ends with the reconstruction of the weld (Sokolniki car repair and repair plant). It will become an assembly platform of electricians, a set of personnel. According to the plans, in the spring of 2021, a test pilot assembly of electricians will begin on this site.

The distribution of specialization seems to be the following. Body workshop and all that concerns the chassis remains in Neftekamsk, and the installation of all systems, including the battery, will occur in Moscow. Production capacity at the first stage will be 450 units of passenger machinery per year.