Big chinese jump-2020


Once a long time ago, more than half a century ago, the Chinese leader of Mao Jie Tong announced the «big jump» policy in the People’s Republic of China. The Chinese Communist Party was the goal to achieve high values in the smelting of steel, the production of rice, etc.

Today, unlikely to remember this. This jump, in the end, failed. He did not prepare properly, did not calculate all the success factors. But looking today, on how the Chinese auto industry does not actively leave attempts to take a powerful bridgehead on the Russian car market, the very «big jump» comes to memory. Gradually, the bridgeheads are created and from it Chinese comrades will behave large-scale expansion. Our canal has repeatedly appealed to the Chinese theme. And today there is a very good reason — the results of the work of the automotive market-2020 are summed up. And Chinese brands on it look the most successful, their present achievements are associated with the beginning of a large car jump.

In the past 2020, due to the so-called «Lokdauna», or simply quarantine, at which the whole country was put in April, whole sectors of the economy began to experience difficulties and reducing real sales. Did not bypass these negative processes and the automotive market of new cars. We are talking only about him.

In general, from the car dealership of official dealers, according to the European Business Association (AEB), went to 9% of cars less than a year earlier, in 2019.

But only not from the salons of Chinese brands. Here is the opposite picture.

Chinese car industry was able to sell in Russia last year 56,947 cars 11 brands. And only a year earlier, their number did not reach up to 40 thousand (39,639 pieces). And it turns out that the Chinese segment not only did not fall as the sale of European, American, or Japanese brands, but the opposite, rose. Yes, and the growth turned out to be impressive. Not forgotten, the entire Russian car market for the year fell by 9%,

But without a drop of tar not do. What is 56 thousand cars? If you look at the AEB table, you will see that this is the number of cars sold old Russian car market

In the tablet below, we collected numbers to show which achievements of the «big jump-2020» achieved Chinese brands. With a 9 percent of the market fall, the leading five brands from the impressive growth.


Middle Successful Success

What is the basis of the «big Chinese jump» on the Russian car market?

Successful success three.


By the way, in some cities, such a process was observed. Released dealer centers, where previously traded Ford cars went to trade in Chinese brands.

Second term of success

And what does not take away from the Chinese, it is constant updating the model range. And this is also a slightest success, like the growing quality of Chinese cars.

And the result is already affected. Chinese car is no longer a slaughter, but a modern vehicle with a proper level of manageability and comfort.

And in conclusion, according to the European Business Association, we accounted for popularity rating of Chinese cars-2020.

table 2

Top 15 Chinese cars in the Russian Federation

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