Big Chinese breakthrough to Russia


Quite a long time, the only Chinese automaker in Russia, HAVAL did not have state support from the government. Some analysts of the car market even talked about the «Antikatasky lobby» in our profile ministry. But since yesterday, this automaker from the Middle Kingdom is recognized as a full-fledged participant in the domestic car market and all types of state support will be distributed.

And what happened this. On September 24, the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov signed a special investment contract (SPIK) with the company LLC Havale Motor Manufekchuring Rus. The contract provides for the implementation of the project to localize production

Recall that the SPIK agreements were signed with all foreign and domestic automakers leading their car assembly business in Russia. Signatures under these agreements were chronologically supplied in 2018-2019. This was the instructions of the then Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Kozak: to prepare agreements, sign them and determine the pool of foreign automakers. It was important because various state support measures are relying signed, and the most important — industrialism to compensate for the scrap.

In early September, this year At a meeting with the governor of the Kaluga region, Russian President Vladimir Putin noted that no one intends to cancel the scoring system. According to the new rules, if in 2019 all automakers received an equal amount of subsidies, then 50% of the total amount of payments from 2020 are distributed when the targets have been achieved by the Government accepted by the Government, from 2021 — will already be 75%, and from 2022 — All 100%.

The Chinese automaker Haval will be the first in the Russian Federation by the company whose degree of localization of production will be the maximum 7000 points. The company plans to build a plant for the production of engines in the Tula region. This is reported by the press service of the Ministry of Industry.

As noted in the report of the Ministry of Industry, Haval became the first representative of the Chinese auto industry, who signed a special investment contract. «The company has taken serious obligations to localize key components: engine, gearbox, electronic blocks and car control systems. The total score of the technologies for the development of technologies within the implementation of the SPIK is more than 7,000 points, being the highest in the industry,» is emphasized.

Recall that the size of state-sized is determined by the score system. The higher the localization, the more it is. «The high level of localization increases the competitiveness of the Chinese manufacturer in the Russian market. The sale of the spique guarantees the long-term development of the company in Russia in the field of localization of key components, nodes and systems,» the word of the head of the Ministry of Industry Denis Denis Manturova is reported.

The Russian factory HAVAL began work in June 2019 on the territory of the Industrial Park «Knotovaya» in the Tula region. This is the first overall enterprise of the full cycle for the brand. At the moment, the plant produces four models: crossovers F7 and F7X, as well as frame SUVs H5 and H9. The production capacity of the plant at the first stage is 80 thousand units of cars per year. The planned power will increase almost twice — to 150 thousand.

«The next stage of the Localization of HAVAL in Russia is noted in the message — it will be launched by the engine manufacturing plant. The company completed its design, construction is planned to be completed by the end of 2022. The plant will provide production and assembling engines for more than 90% of HAVAL cars in Russia.

And what are the positions of Chinese models in Russia. We specifically make a sign with sales values. Since the beginning of the year to August, 17,176 Chinese crossovers were sold on the Russian car market. To understand the scale you need to compare with another number. In the eight months of this year, only 17,528 crossovers KIA Sportage, or 20,118 German crossovers Volkswagen Tiguan were sold in the Russian Federation. That is, so far the Chinese automakers are the second echelon of the Russian market. If you compare the Chinese leader HAVAL F7 with these classmates, then the gap will be 3-4 multiple. Of course, over time, popularity will increase. But now we will provide only naked numbers.

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