Belts for servicing variators of snowmobiles and quad bikes


One of the famous manufacturers of variator belts for motorcycles is Dayco. Its portfolio presents the belts of the variator for a large number of models and varieties of snow farte and ATV technology. For variator transmissions, Dayco motorcycles offers belts of three basic classes. Each of them corresponds to the engine power and features of the snowmobile or quad bike.

HP series belts

The owner of a more powerful model of a snowmobile or a motov — exclusion, which does not miss the opportunity to actively draw off off-road, addressed

For experienced riders, accustomed to squeeze out of their equipment, the XTX belts (Xtreme Torque) series is intended. DAYCO XTX belts are subjected to exemplary loads during sports races and work perfectly on technology with a powerful engine — engine volume of more than 800 cubic cubes in terms of turns of 12,000 per minute and higher. No wonder the XTX belts are called superneck. Dayco manufactures them from a special polymer material with the highest level of reinforcement, which retains its characteristics at any operating temperatures. The XTX belt is not confused with another Dayco strap: it has a teeth, deep on the outside and rounded on the inner.

Features of ATVs for ATVs Dayco XTX:

• faster and stable throttle response at high speeds

• Faster throttle response when accelerating at medium speed

• Increased secondary acceleration at high revs

• decline in slipping at the highest levels of torque

• Best performance when braking engine

• Strength reliability tested with increased engine speeds (more than 12000 per minute)

• Work at colder temperatures (in comparison with the analogues)

The sizes of the XTX belt range allows you to apply them instead of HP belts. Many riders resort to this in order to increase the reliability and service life of the variator in not a particularly powerful technique, because the endurance of the DAYCO XTX belts is high.

Even the most durable belt has a certain resource. So that it does not happen unexpectedly — you need to follow a simple rule: periodically inspect the belt at least before the start of the season and with regulatory work on the maintenance of equipment. If cracked or visible rubber and cords are visible on the surface, the belt will have to change. It should be noted that the reasons for the appearance of damage are often associated with the details with which the belt is in contact, or with the features of operation of the equipment. For example, abrasion of one of the sidewalls of the belt, as well as its complete destruction, can be the result of the inconsistency of the pulleys.

It must be remembered that the belt is wearing not only during operation, but also from the process of natural aging, if long lies in the warehouse or in the garage. When complying with the Rules of Storage, DayCo belts retain performance for five to seven years from the moment of manufacture.

Install a new variator belt in an ATV or a snowmobile is easier than in the car. However, there are also certain knowledge and skills. Dayco experts advise to entrust this procedure to specialists. If errors are allowed when installing, the belt will not last long. And that the correctly installed belt of the variator completely worked out the resource laid into it, it must be rolled out correctly. The first 50 kilometers of the mileage after replacing the belt ride follows the motor turnover not higher than the average.