BelAZ on the path of multi-vector


The manufacturer of career dump trucks Belarusian auto facilities from Zhodino for the period from January to September 2.6 times increased exports to non-foreign countries.

At the present stage, the geographical transformation of exports by increasing the share of far abroad, as well as the strengthening of competitive positions in the traditional markets of the company’s main development.

For 9 months of 2020, the diversification of exports of the company’s products beats records: the average monthly shipment to the countries of foreign countries and the share of far abroad markets in the total volume of equipment supplies were maximal in the entire history of the development of the automobile plant.

The structure of export supplies today looks as follows in the first 9 months of the current year. 33.1% of Belarus issued to the Russian Federation was supplied to the CIS countries and neighboring countries (Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine) — 12.9%. 10.2% of the released products were implemented in the domestic market. But exports to foreign countries increased in the supply structure to 43.8%.

From countries of far abroad, contracts are allocated to India (in September the next batch of 130-ton dump trucks has been shipped, and in general since the beginning of the year — 61 career dump truck with a carrying capacity of 130 tons as part of a contract for the supply of 77 dump trucks); Algeria (two large parties of 60-tonsnons are delivered). In South Africa, 240-tonary career dump trucks BelAZ-75311 was shipped. Supplies of techniques (career dump trucks, bulldozers, polyvory vehicles) in Mongolia, Poland, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina were also carried out.

It is noteworthy that in foreign tenders for the supply of career equipment, the Belarusian automaker has to fight with the famous world manufacturers: Caterpillar, Komatsu, as well as Chinese manufacturers.

In the model row of Bellaz, the leader was the dump truck with a carrying capacity of 110-130 tons (BelAZ-7513 family). Their share in the total shipment volume was 37%. In second place with an indicator of 20% of the technique with a lifting capacity of 45 tons (two families are represented in this class — BelAZ-7547 and BelAZ-7545 at once).

In third place with a result of 18%, the dump trucks of 55-60 tons (BelAZ-7555 family) were loaded.

It is noteworthy that after the visit of the President of the Republic of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, the question of the deployment of the release of career dump trucks in Kuzbass again arose.