AvtoVAZ optimizes motor gamut


The main insider of information about AvtoVAZ Resource Lada.ONLAY said that the VAZ-21179 engine (1.8 liters developed power 122 hp) disappears in the fall from the packages of the Lada Vesta family. Apparently, this power unit did not justify hopes. Recall that the complete set with this motor accounts for 15% of the total sales of this model.

And now it became known that this unit of Russian development is decided to maintain only on raised CROSS modifications. This information was informed by the source in the press service of AvtoVAZ. «In the conditions of a pandemic, since July, we smoothly reduced the configuration from the engine 1.8 on sedan and SW bodies as having a small mix of sales compared to the 1.6 engine. From November of the month, all configurations with 1.8 frozen frozen on these bodies. The 1.8 engine remains available on Cross versions, «commented the situation in the enterprise. In other words, this engine will be installed only on the Vesta Cross sedan and Vesta SW Cross universal.

The relatively low popularity of the engine is 1.8 liters can be explained by its problem: the owners of cars equipped with VAZ-21179 complained about the massella, as a result of which AvtoVAZ regularly conducts measures to correct the constructive deficiencies, also on machines with a 1.8 liter engine, a problem of the wiring harness was detected, which was the cause of Mass revocation.

True, nor in insider plum, nor in the response of the press center is not reported on the prospects for improving the characteristics of this motor. Recall, about a year ago, rumors were leaked in the press that AvtoVAZ was working to increase the capacity of this engine at 14 hp. After all, having a fairly large volume of 1.8 liters, the motor does not have adequate characteristics for its volume. Usually, such power is removed from the atmospheric engine with a volume of 1.5-1.6 liters.

Recall that today AvtoVAZ is being developed by two engines under the code name —