ASVA — everything can be done better than it is still done


The fleet of Russia is steadily obsolete, and the reason for this is a protracted economic crisis. Therefore, demand for car spare parts smoothly flows from the segment of original manufacturers to the spare parts of the Aftermarket market. Some official dealers «scored alarm» and even began to install «non-original» in the framework of post-warranty service to attract and keep customers. No wonder: the price difference between original spare parts and Aftermarket comes up to 300%. Therefore, our company confidently continues its development in this area.

ASVA Group of Companies — manufacturer and distributor of TM ASVA auto parts, Akyoto on futsal cars.

We work for business and people who do not want to overpay for the brand, but at the same time they monitor the quality of purchased products. Our partners have more than 60% of companies that cooperate with us 5 or more. And we all follow the trends in the market and expand the range. Now we provide the market for more than 10 commodity groups, including the Sls and hubs, engine cushions and a shock absorber support, suspension parts and more.

The range of spare parts included in these commodity groups covers almost the entire range of auto production of Japan (70% of the range), as well as Europe (15%), Korea 10%) and the United States (5%). There is from what to choose and with whom to compare.

Assortment ASVA, Akyoto includes more than 7000 SKU. This list includes a number of unique auto parts.

In the production of Spare parts ASVA, Akyoto applies to the latest achievements in the field of suspension, brake and other automotive «body» systems. Therefore, spare parts retain stable properties under any conditions on the road. Details of wear-resistant, adapted to Russian road realities.

Products are produced on modern certified equipment in constant monitoring of compliance with the technological cycle by technical experts, which allows you to provide an extended factory guarantee. Each plant was mandatory for cooperation with us certification on the ISO quality system, has research laboratories and modern complexes for testing finished products.

As a manufacturer, we have all the elements of quality assurance elements: certificates, test results, technical control data. Also for partners there is the possibility of operational manufacture of parts according to the customer’s drawings, or a preliminary order for the plant.

Product advantages under the brands ASVA, Akyoto:

  1. Affordable and competitive

We have no fake products for a penny or at an overpriced value for the prefix «Premium». Therefore, our proposal helps professional market participants are guaranteed to get profitability, a quality product and an assortment on the storefront of the store or a store one hundred. Permanent control of pricing from the owner of the brand allows companies that are engaged in large and small wholesale, retail stores and one hundred guaranteed to receive income from selling spare parts from 40 to 60%.


It is important to feel reliable in partnership, we are like a business — we also understand it. Therefore, we give warranty from the manufacturer, in controversial situations always stand on the side of the client. The entire range warranty is 6 months from the date of sale to the final consumer or installation on a hundred. You can exchange or return the goods within the framework of Russian legislation. Situations with return rare and always quickly solved. According to statistics, in 2020, only 0.19% of spare parts of ASVA trade brands, Akyoto returned due to production complaints. All cases individually disassembled our technical experts, adjustments were made to the processes of production and quality control.

Proximity to the consumer

We are interested in the spare parts of Asva, Akyoto are as close as possible to the consumer. That is why you can place an order for them from any our partner in more than 68 regions of Russia. At each of the warehouses, there is a wide range of spare parts. Developed logistics and established orders will make products in the shortest possible time.

Information and promotions

Together with Asva, Akyoto products, we offer you to place at points of sale information booklets and leaflets that will help your visitors make a choice in favor of these brands.

Our company responds in a timely manner to current market requests and today is ready to offer the client not only products, but also a full range of services and events that promotes successful promotion of products on the market.

We are confident that car owners who choose parts of the ASVA, Akyoto brands, will not be disappointed in their choice, receiving decent quality for a fair price. According to our partners, more than 90% of motorists who acquired products of our brands make 3 and more purchases of these parts. This confirms the correctness of the strategy of the development of brands chosen by us, the orientation of the market needs and attention to its requests. And our partners brings more and more loyal regular customers, the ruble of voting for their choice.