Are you ready to buy an electric car?


Despite the active popularization of electric vehicles in many advanced countries of the world, domestic motorists in doubt and even some suspicion look at

There are few electric cars in Russia

It must be said that the domestic auto industry is in no hurry to please us with a great choice of models

There are, of course, the coup, decorated to buy an electric car and from us. But their number is negligible. For the entire 2020, only 687 such cars were sold. If you add 5273 units used from abroad, the situation ceases to look very hopeless. So there are prospects yet?!

As of 01.01.2021, the fleet of electric vehicles in our country will be without a small 11,000 cars. A total of 14 different brands and 18 models are registered in the traffic police. More than 80% fall on the right-hand drive «bodies» (electromobile Nissan LEAF)

Causes and factors of Russian lagging in electric car

What slows down the progress in our country? Why are we again behind the civilized world? Let’s try to figure out!

According to numerous polls, periodically conducted among motorists, it was possible to find out that in principle, more than 2/3 of the respondents do not have anything against the car at the electric move. In fact, they are ready, under certain conditions, transfer to such a car and use it for their own needs. And only a little more than 30% do not agree (for now) to abandon the usual design of the vehicle.

That is, in principle, there are prospects for this direction. But what prevents development?

The survey showed all the main fears of our compatriots:

1) Insufficient number of specialized charging stations to recharging electric vehicles. The duration of the recovery procedure of the battery capacity

2) high on electric vehicles price and high costs for their maintenance.

3) the lack of an extensive network of a hundred to maintain personal «electric trains», low level qualification of auto mechanics.

4) Houses need to install additional charger required to restore the capacity of electric vehicle batteries at night.

Perspectives of electric vehicles in Russia

Of course, we must pay the closer attention. Calculate that oil in the country is enough for another 100 years, at least not both professionally. It is necessary to keep up with the times.

But while the state practically does nothing to develop this direction. And to buy an electric car and try yourself as a pioneer, it is, of course, honorable, but not always convenient and economically justified.

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