Application for a new leader of the Russian car market


The new car Hyundai Elantra, the release of which will soon begin at the facilities of the Kaliningrad «Auto», can become the leader of the C-class of the Russian market. For this, he has all the prerequisites.

What captives in the approach of Korean brands when working on a Russian car market, so this is what Koreans represent model ranks in all dimensional cars. If other automakers remove cars from their model rows that are sold no matter, then the Korean brands have a different approach. And it bribes domestic motorists, it allocates Korean brands from others.

It is clear that this approach also lies the calculation. Koreans thus want to preserve and even increase their share in the Russian market. And they succeed.

What we give these reasoning, yes to the fact that the release of the new Hyundai Elantra car could not take place. After all, in our market there is no Renault Megane, Ford Focus left, no peugeot 308, and Volkswagen long reasoned whether it is worth it to start the most popular car class Golf. They had no doubt about the honor of Volkswagenian marketers that a new VW Jetta model should be brought to Russia.

The alignment in the classroom with today in the domestic market looks like this.

As can be seen from statistical data, today’s generation Hyundai Elantra player of the second line in the size class S. «First Echelon» in this class for Skoda Octavia and Kia Cerato and Kia Ceed. Cases near the nearest competitors are not Ahti. However, this is due to the fact that interest in dimensional class cars with decreases. The French couple Peugeot 408 / Citroen C4 is especially important.

Why do we predict that Hyundai Elantra will become a strong player and can even suck leaders? First, the prices of the new generation of class leader — Skoda Octavia are declared and they are very different from the prices of Czech Liftback Circuits. If we consider the version of the 110-strong Lifbeca, the base price is now 1 million 338 thousand rubles. That is, with a change of generation, Octavia has rise in price by 198 thousand rubles.! For comparison: Kia Cerato sedan now costs 1 million 175 thousand rubles, Hyundai Elantra — from 1 million 124 thousand, and imported Volkswagen Jetta — minimum 1 million 518 thousand rubles.

If Koreans hold the price within the existing limits, the new model will have a chic potential for market growth.

The new model Hyundai Elantra seventh generation has already been certified in Russia: in the open base of Rosstandard, approval of the type of vehicle (FTS) appeared on a new model. The certificate immediately issued to the cars of the Russian assembly: as before, the assembly will be engaged in the Kaliningrad «Avtotor».

Compared to the previous generation, the new Elantra has become a little longer (4650 mm), 25 mm wider (1825 mm), but 20 mm below (1430 mm). This is the result of a more sporting design of the machine. Elantra is built on one platform with a Kia Cerato sedan already familiar to us, but the wheelbase is 2720 mm, while Cerato and the former elantra between the axes are 2700 mm. Provided wheels with a diameter of 15, 16 or 17 inches.

Hyundai Elantra is adapted to the Russian operating conditions. See, the new Elantra for Russia will have traditional atmospheric power units: turbo engines and the variator are not laid. The basic atmospheric of the G4FG volume of 1.6 liters (128 hp, 155 nm) and migrated at all from the previous model. Although the senior two-liter engine G4NL is new: it belongs to the SmartStream family, its return — 150 hp and 191 nm. Both engines have a simple distributed injection and, judging by the FTS, can work on gasoline AI-92.

Each of the motors is aggregated both with «mechanics» and with a classic six-speed «machine». Although Elantra with a two-liter engine and a manual transmission is most likely to remain on paper. All sedans for Russia will have a semi-dependent rear suspension (some options for other markets are affected by a multi-dimension), and among the options in the certificate, adaptive cruise control with the movement assistant in the traffic jam is indicated.

So Hyundai Elantra has all the goals to become a class leader from the Russian market. By the way, in the USA, this car is called Hyundai Avante and it is the most massive in the model line of the Korean automaker. Its role is approximately as we have Solaris.