Always one step in front: Wolf Lubicands introduced a new engine oil for Volkswagen Group


Wolf Lubicands has released a new engine oil for Volkswagen Group (VAG) cars — Wolf OfficialTech 0W30 LL III Fe. New oil is designed in accordance with the highest requirements of Volkswagen models, Audi, Seat and Skoda, produced since 2007 and to the present, in which motor oils VW are 504.00 and 507.00 motor oils. Wolf OfficialTech 0W30 LL III FE oil covers a huge market share, because only Europe has more than 61 million VAG cars.

Premium durable protection

Wolf OfficialTech 0W30 LL III FE is a completely synthetic lubricant created on the basis of carefully selected high-quality base oils. A unique package of additives satisfies the requirements of VAG to a longer lubricant service life: oil is more resistant to oxidation, due to which the replacement interval increases (up to 30,000 km or two years).

Low product viscosity helps reduce the total amount of CO2 emissions and provides significant fuel savings compared to 5W30. The average content of SAPS in the composition of the product complies with the standards of Euro-4, Euro-5 and Euro-6, while ensuring excellent protection of additional exhaust cleaning systems, in particular diesel particulate filters. The oil guarantees the outstanding purity of the engine and its durability, which is confirmed by complex wear tests and piston pollution.

Designed for extensive market VAG

Wolf Lubricants was able to quickly develop a new lubricant, satisfying the strict requirements of both VAG engines and modern European legislation. The launch of the new oil is related to the fact that VAG begins to encourage the transition within its car maintenance dealer network from using 5W30 viscosity oils to the use of 0W30 viscosity oils, especially in South and Eastern Europe.

This transition to 0W30 is due not only to oil ability to save fuel, but also its backward compatibility. The new product is intended for many previous VW specifications, including 502.00, 503.00, 503.01, 505.00, 506.00 and 506.01. At the start of Wolf OfficialTech 0W30 LL III FE will be available in most standard containers of packaging products WOLF: 1L, 5L, 60L and 205L.

Wolf Lubricants has a wide range of lubricants and world-class technical fluids for VAG cars: oils 0W20, 5W30, 5W40 and a number of professionally designed transmission fluids for manual, automatic and direct switching transmissions (DSG). The brand also offers a wide selection of brake and cooling fluids, liquids for windshield washer and lubricants, which trust technical specialists around the world.

Johan Wang Hov, Senior Technical Manager Wolf Lubicants:

Since the demand for products 0W30, satisfying the requirements of VAG, grows throughout Europe, Wolf OfficialTech 0W30 LL III FE offers a high-quality alternative workshop. This is another proof of our ability to quickly develop new lubricants for ever-changing markets, both European and world. With a wide application among VAG models from 2007 and to the present, new engine oil shows our desire to provide car services with the best products — the same aspiration we show in support of dynamically developing motor racing competitions, such as the World Rally Championship (WRC).

For more information on Wolf OfficialTech 0W30 LL III Fe and the full range of Wolf lubricants that satisfy the requirements of VAG, visit the website.