A car monster appeared, who does not need Russia


All news tapes automotive themes had the news: «What about what so much time was told, finally happened!» What happened? The process of legal merger of the two world car giants is completed. Italian-American

The head of PSA Carlos Tavares noted that the Alliance is not worth the task of becoming the largest in the world in the world’s production. The goal is to become the best on the quality of the available cars, after-sales service.

Carlos Tavares suggests that all 14 car brands will be saved.

Recall that the new alliance joined as

The press has already appeared speculation, they say, as a result of the union of the weak link became Chrysler, the model line of which heavily weakened in recent years. The fact is that the new Italian owners of the FCA concern decided to make Jeep’s priority brands (it is clear that they were important to the off-road crossover line under the legendary name) and RAM (for the pickup segments are so popular in North America).

Of course, as for all Alliance in the automotive industry, the negligration and costs are facing the newly formed monster. It is planned that the optimization inside Stellantis will save up to five billion euros. And here it is an interesting question based on the work of a similar Renault-Nissan Alliance. As you know, it is written in its strategy that a number of European enterprises can be closed. While Stellantis does not want to resort to such measures and leave all 14 brands workers.

Accordingly, our Russian is not the most successful PSMA factory in Kaluga, where they produce Peugeot and Citroen cars will not close. Although the numbers sold for two French brands inspire only deep pessimism. We will remind, according to statistics in 2020, 4516 «Peugeot» and 3,577 «Citroenov» were sold in the Russian Federation, the French brands were 30 and 31 places in the ranking of the Russian car market. Yes, with such a market «luggage» to keep the whole plant in the country is unprofitable. Therefore, despite the statements of the leaders of the concern on the preservation of all enterprises and brands, some decisions will still be accepted. In turn, Italian brands in Russia are presented weakly. As well as American Chrysler, Jeep, whose sales are meager. At one time, the chief of the Italian concern Sergio Marcjone did not see the potential of the Russian market and decided to focus on merger with Chrysler to work on the promising North American market.

It was stated that among the main priorities of the new car monster Stellantis will include the «Electrification» of the model range. After all, most brands in the European Alliance, and in this market priority for cars with zero exhaust. Our channel addressed this

Also one of the difficult problems is the fate of the Vauxhall brand. At one time, the former owner of General Motors positioned the brand as «British Opel», even the names of the models they coincided — Opel Astra — Vauxhall Astra, etc. In connection with the British government adopted by the British decision on the prohibition of the production of cars with gasoline and diesel engines since 2030, the Vauxhall plants in the British Islands are not beneficial.

We still worry about the Kaluga enterprise PSMA and its future. Recall that in 2019 the French signed a special conflict with the profile ministry and trade, according to which there were enough passenger and light commercial vehicles of two French brands Peugeot and Citroen, including «heels». And also deploy the production of low-pressure diesel engines for its model line. Now you have to follow the appearance of the presentation of the STELLANTIS strategy, in which the contours of work in Russia will be outlined.