12 new NGK spark plug articles significantly increase car park coverage


NGK Spark Plug, the leading global manufacturer of ignition systems and sensors, announced the release of twelve new articles of spark plugs for the after-sales service market. Most of the novelty spark plugs with two electrodes of precious metals. By 2023, the number of cars for which they are intended will be 3.5 million, which will allow the company to further expand its already significant coverage of car park. At the same time, five articles have not yet have analogs on the market.

Dilkar7D11H, ILTR6R8G, DILKR6A11 and DILZKR7B11GS dilkR6A11 and DILZKR7B11GS, possess an increased wear resistance, while the candles of Dilkar7D11H and ILTR6R8G are not analogs in the after-sales service market. Dilkar7D11H candles are designed for the most popular Nissan and Renault models, such as Qashqai II, X-Trail and Koleos. ILTR6R8G- Effective ignition candle for Ford Focus 1.5 EcoBoost and Ford Focus 2.3 RS last generation. Candles of DilkR6A11 can be applied on a multitude of Hyundai and Kia models, including Hyundai Santa Fe 2.4 and Kia Sorento, and the DilzKR7B11GS model is designed for various Honda cars, including Honda Civic and Honda CR-V.

The six next articles came out in August. Candles with Iridium Central Electrode ZKR7Bi-10 are designed specifically for Fiat and Jeep motors, SILZKFR8D7G with an iridium central electrode and platinum attack on the side are designed for a wide range of Mercedes, Dacia and Renault models, as well as SITR7A11G- for various cars Aston Martin brand, such as DB9, Rapide, V12 and Vanquish. At the same time, the last two models have no analogues in the after-sales service market. Dilkar7E11HS and Dilkar8A8 Ignition Candles are installed on a variety of Nissan models, including Micra IV, Note II and GT-R, and Iker7A8EGS- on modern Audi, Škoda, Volkswagen and Seat, including Audi A1 30TFSI, Škoda Kamiq 1.0 TSI and Volkswagen Caddy 1.0 TSI BLUE Motion.

Finally, the candles of models of PKER7A8DES and ILTR6S8 appeared on sale in September. ILTR6S8 are installed on modern Ford cars, such as Focus and Explorer. Previously, they were not presented in the after-sales service market. The PKER7A8DES model is designed for gas engine cars of such brands, like Seat, Škoda and Volkswagen, including VOLKSWAGEN POLO 1.0 TGI Blue Motion.

Replenishment of the range of NGK SPARK PLUG 12 new articles demonstrates the company’s desire to expand its presence in the after-sales service market.