Will the new generation of KAMAZ trucks pull out?


The unique situation has developed on Russian autohyda. Today, Kamsky Automotive is forced to produce three generations of trucks at once: classical — K3, based on Mercedes Axor Generation K4 and the latest development K5.

Probably in the global car industry is an unprecedented case. Although the leaders of the Kama Automobile Play are understood, and they have no other choice, since they act in the highly competitive environment of the Russian car market.

The main goal of the enterprise is not to miss the market. That is, not to reduce your share on it, not to pass it to competitors. And competitors are always ready to cut off a piece. We will remind, in the past decade there was already such negative experience. Then the Chinese dump trucks began a large-scale expansion to the Russian market of trucks, and immediately the share of KamAZ began to decline.

Foreign models also work in the premium segment, these are representatives of a large European seven (BIG-7), to which KAMAZ products have to be touched. And recently, among the competitors, the domestic «Ural» declared, the newest dump truck of which will be released on the domestic market in the present spring and will begin a fierce struggle in the market of budget construction dump trucks with KamAZ. About this car

In his recent interview, the Director General of the Kamsky Aviation Giant Sergey Kogogin noted: «

Further development of the production program of the new family Kogogin sees as follows: «

Next, the bogin argues: «To bring the quality of new cars to the expectations of the client, accustomed to European brands, we deliberately delayed the conclusion of K5 to the market. For 2019, we made 80 cars and brought them to the condition for a long time, and in 2020 I have given a wide range of consumers for testing. Having received feedback, we made small final changes in the design and started a serial issue. Unfortunately, suppliers are still not quite ready — they will complete the preparation of production for the next year. By this time, they should be prepared to provide 7 thousand cars a year. In 2022, we expect to reach 15 thousand trucks. » These plans for the conclusion of the latest family from Kamaz voiced the head of a car giant.

All thing in the cockpit

KAMAZ has taken a bold step and came with a new family in a premium segment — it is completely different requirements for product quality, huge investments and efforts of engineering services for the preparation of production to the production of the K5 line.

Transport and construction companies will evaluate the truck not by slogans and intentions about which the top management of autohybage will tell, but by the experience of exploitation of technology. «We laid very serious parameters in K5. For example, the interservice interval was brought to 120 thousand kilometers, while the test cars have already passed over 200 thousand, but we did not even change the oils — we are waiting for its properties will be devastated below the critical mark. Judging by the indicators, changing the oil is somewhere on 240 thousand. In the future, we plan to declare an intervision interval at the level of 150 thousand kilometers, «said Sergey Kogogin.

As with the KAMAZ generation K4, a new cabin became one of the stumbling block of a new truck. And then the partner and shareholder of KAMAZ came to the rescue. Daimler AG. In 2019, the Kababas Kabas plant was built on the territory of the automobile plant in Naberezhnye Chelny.

As the General Director of Daimler Kamaz Rus, Andreas Doyesle, notes: «

Recall that the capacity of the plant is 50,000 cabs, today from this plant is provided with cabins almost all assembly of Mercedes-Benz trucks in Naberezhnye Chelny, i.e., imports of German cabins for these trucks almost discontinued. Also, all KAMAZ trucks of the K5 line are equipped with this cab. According to Andreas Doyesle, in the very near future, production will increase, and in the coming years to reach at least 20,000-30,000 cabs per year. In fact, the plant’s products will fully close the needs of KAMAZ, except for the classic K3 line.

According to a special confcturation (SPIK), the basic operations for localization are welding and painting and the use of local steel for cabins. Andreas Deutshala notes: «Now we optimize the production, we try to use more and more local raw materials, reduce imports of stamped parts. We work with Kamaz over it. So that the cab is considered Russian, 70% of local metal and details are needed. Some types of cabins are already completely Russian, still import individual details for others. In our production, we use the steel of the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine and Severstal.

The general director of Daimler Kamaz Rus noted: «We fulfilled obligations on investment is about 110 million euros. Contract investments were tied mainly to the Cabin plant. «

Business engine

As you know, the K5 generation tractors are equipped with a new row 6-cylinder engine KAMAZ R6 with a capacity of 450 hp, a new automated 12-speed ZF TRAXON gearbox and a rear-bridge Daimler with a reduced gear ratio for fuel economy. Front and rear brakes — disk. Also among the advantages of new products — two fuel tanks with a total volume of 1400 liters, due to which the impressive reserve of the stroke is ensured (about 4.5 thousand km). Compared with the previous generation of cars of the K4 family, the use of advanced technical solutions made it possible to reduce fuel consumption by 10% (30 l / 100 km), increase the intersavice intervals by 50% (up to 120 thousand km.), Increase the resource by 20% (up to 1 , 2 million km).

As the basis of the new diesel engine KAMAZ-910 (P6) was taken by the Liebherr D946 power unit. In December 2017, the first samples of a new ringed six-cylinder engine P6 were collected. Today, production facilities have been created on KAMAZ for the manufacture of 12 thousand such power units per year. This motor in various variations will develop the power from 400 to 700 hp, meet the requirements of the EURO-5 environmental class, in addition to KAMAZ cars will be installed on another technique.

In the next two or three years, it is planned to master the production of four new modifications of the P6 engine — gas, gas-dial, an engine with increased energy efficiency, an engine volume of 13 liters. EURO-EURO-6 EURO-6 engine is actively underway.

Today it is the development of gas engines P6 for trunk tractors. In the future, it will be possible to establish them for all modifications of the car of a promising family. The rated power of the new engine is 450 hp, the maximum torque — 1850 N • m, the planned interservice interval is up to 100 thousand km.