What will happen to DUSTER?


The Renault Moscow office keeps full silence about when, finally, Russian motorists will see the second generation of the popular Duster crossover. So far, on the part of official representatives of the French company, we are seeing an informational vacuum. Meanwhile, many unofficial information is condensed around this car.

He is seen on the Ryazan highway in Moscow in camouflage near the Renault Russia plant. That sources talk about as four copies of the second generation car, which were brought to Togliatti tests. Where in the Scientific and Technical Center «AvtoVAZ» saw Duster in different configurations and colors — two white, orange and gray-green. Test samples are distributed by technical units, and track and road tests «on the specifics of these departments» pass. According to this information, all four crossovers are equipped with diesel engines. In general, we are doomed to listen to all these heals and semi-information for a long time, until the moment when the new crossover model is officially presented, and all the characteristics will become a common automotive public.

Renault Duster of the second generation, apparently, formerly a new year in the salons of official dealers of the French brand will not appear. After all, the process of testing is not so short. In addition, some time is necessary for reference to production processes to put the car on the conveyor. The process can be delayed until the middle of the next year. There are no accurate deadlines.

Also around this car there are many different information from other markets. Just flashed a message about DUSTER in a pickup body. But again, in Russia, this truck with Turbodiesel 1.5 Blue DCI (115 hp) and manual gearbox, full-wheel drive and road lumen is 224 mm, it is not necessary to wait.

But just recently, our eyes came across curious information. What we are in a hurry to share with the readers of our canal. While the Russians dream of a crossover of the next second generation, it became known what configuration the third generation crossover will be. It is clear that this car may appear with us only a few years after the debut in Europe.

So after the transition

Mark Suss answered this question, the industrial director of the Dacia brand in European markets, in an interview with the French magazine L’Argus. Mr. Suss was evaconed against the answer about the specific date of the premiere of the third generation Duster. But according to the French publication, the production of the new third generation of the crossover should begin for 2024. And the presentation will take place somewhere at the turn of 2023-2024.

Significantly more interesting was the data on the technical base of the new generation DUSTER. After all, it is not a secret that the current (second) generation, which Russian motorists waiting so much, did not become revolutionary in comparison with the first generation, and is actually a model facelifting.

In turn, the third generation of crossover, thanks to the use

Dacia brand cars, however, should remain accessible, these are their positioning in the European automotive market. And the DUSTER model supports this Renome, since they are among the most popular Dacia at the moment.

Monsieur Suss himself during an interview with the French publication L’Argus did not use specific expressions — the CMF-B and Duster platform in one sentence. Nevertheless, he hinted on the production of a new generation Duster on the CMF-B platform.

The transition to a new platform carries a huge number of advantages, because it will allow to use new technologies, simplify production processes at the automotive factory, will allow you to fit into environmental limitations on the emission of exhaust gases and so on.

But the most important question that concerns primarily Russian motorists,

Apparently, the third generation of Dacia Duster may be without all-wheel drive version (4×4) for the European market. The question rests against investment, because for a all-wheel drive car, in the market of European countries there are limited demand, and the investment on the creation, tests and production is quite large. Everything rests on economic meaning, so sparkly stated the top manager.

But we are well aware that without the all-wheel drive version, the appearance of the third generation Renault Duster in the Russian market will not make sense.

And what will happen then? Or for the Russian market and markets of the CIS countries, a 4×4 car on the CMF-B platform can be created. Or, according to the testimony of the AUTOEVOLUTION site, the all-wheel drive car can be created on another CMF-C / D platform. However, it is meaningless now, this is a matter of the future. But at the Renault Group headquarters perfectly know the figure — 11%. It is so much for us last year sold the front-wheel drive versions of Duster. Accordingly, 89% of Russians chose and voted to the ruble for a full-wheel drive car. This is the highest rate