Schaeffler supports the local ambulance station in the fight against coronavirus

Schaeffler Company is a global supplier of products for automotive industry and industry. The company manufactures automotive components for almost all types of cars. The clutch against Schaeffler offered by the LUK brand is a prize-based standard of quality and are in great demand in the Russian market. That is why in 2014 Schaeffler opened the factory in Ulyanovsk, which produces, including clutch. The Russian division of the company will transmit ambulance station of clutch, which will modernize autotechnics. «The work of emergency staff is associated with high risks, which in terms of distribution COVID-19 have risen at times. A constant physical and psychological burden makes their work extremely difficult. Nevertheless, he has tremendous social significance, and the pandemic once again made the society think about it. We cannot stay away from what is happening in the world and consider extremely important support for ambulance doctors who have assisted the bulk in the struggle for health in this difficult time. We are grateful to medical professionals for selfless work, we try to maintain them as much as possible by making their work more secure and help reduce stress. New clutches of our production will ensure the uninterrupted work of the ambulance station is uninterrupted, so at least the health of the techniques do not need to worry, «said Maxim Shahov, executive director of Schaeffler in Russia.» We are grateful to Schaeffler for supporting our station. In this difficult period, the number of departures to sick people increased significantly, and the load on the automotive technique, which we use and day, and at night increased, respectively. Help for us is very important, because it is not an important social component of our life, «the head of the Transport Department of the Poliboyarins Vladimir stressed. Economic, social and environmental responsibility Schaeffler Group is the traditional component of the work of all enterprise divisions. Since the beginning of the Pandemic, Schaeffler decided to assist in the fight against coronavirus worldwide.