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I successfully set up the app on facebook, and put the ID code and secret code in the index.php file on my server. But when I click on the Welcome tab I get an error. The page you are looking for cannot be displayed because an invalid method (HTTP verb) was used to attempt access. Given that, I do not think the php program knows what/where the landing pages are? Your tutorial just says you need two landing pages.

What do I call them, where do they go, and how does the code know what they are? Everything works, except and a big except, all I get is a blank welcome page. This is a great guide for setting up a FB landing page.

Offering unique info is a great way to entice a like, too. Ive written a post about how to get the iframe canvas to auto-size to the height of the content, as well as removing those annoying horizontal/vertical scrollbars. Ive linked to this post from my blog post here: http://atomiku.com/2012/02/remove-scrollbars-and-get-your-facebook-app-canvas-iframe-to-autosize-to-height-fb-canvas-setautogrow/ Zain says: Hi, on Step 4, when I try to manually enter the URL with the appID and Page_Tab_URL, I get the following error in Facebook: You must be the admin of at least one Facebook Page to продажа с сайта визитки the requested action. Somehow the code only works for my own account, for all other accounts who click the like button the page remains in the unliked-state. Googled the crap out of this subject and out of the hundreds of tutorials, this was the ONLY one that was up to date and correct. Now to find the tutorials for everything else I want to do.

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This is certainly the best tutorial for creating a facebook canvas/iframe. All the other tutorials I found advised you to use some crappy 3rd party app to do the canvas instead. I completed the продажа с сайта визитки up and just like you were experiencing, I am getting a blank page. I hate to start over as I like this concept and the App seems to be installed properly but I believe like you, I am missing a step? For the welcome Tab apps beside the facebook fan page? THANK YOU for this- I am an advanced noob but need a little hand-holding!

Questions: After publishing the page, test if everything works and if you go directly to it, it shows default content (state when don’t “Like” the page).

I have followed all of your instructions, I am a featured admin and page owner, and when I try to продажа с сайта визитки step 4, I continue to get this error: LizJ, just to rule out the obvious does the [Page_Tab_URL] youre substituting in Step 4 matches the one specified within App (screenshot under Step 3)?

I followed the steps, created the app and installed it.

But When I click on the welcome tab all that shows up is a blank page. My thinking is I do not know how продажа с сайта визитки php code knows how to manage the redirect. Where do I tell it what/where the designed pages are? If youre still interested, please contact me [email protected] and lets discuss the details. The download link for SDK + index file has been added, sorry everyone!

You can download the zip at www.dreamgrow.com/download/newfbapp.zip baffled by the recent changes this post clarifies the process.

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Im I missing something that you have not provided the page that serves different pages for Liked and Unliked visitors? ..Muy buen posst, pero solo unpar de preguntas, no logro anadir la pestana al facebook. en la url anadi el id y la ruta de la pagina y nada, porfavor si fueras tan amable de explicar porfavor, gracias You dont need a PHP server to create a custom facebook landing page.

Thank you creating a page tab might get pretty confusing (especially when FB updates the process so frequently), hence so many screenshots.

That is one of the most detailed descriptions I have seen for creating a FaceBook fan page. Anyone else get annoyed when someone sends you a message in your inbox asking you to like their page? Navigation Amazon affiliate disclosure Dreamgrow.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. Our Picks For The Top 10 Best Landing Page Builders in 2018 While there is no exact formula to create a successful digital marketing campaign, there are several elements that can improve your chances.

Having an attractive website with dedicated landing pages can help generate more traffic and improve their overall experience.

That being said, building landing лендинг сайт клининг pages that attract visitors is not easy. Remember that these pages are designed to be simple, with the goal of getting the visitor to take a certain action. Продажа с сайта визитки can be signing up for a form, clicking on a specific area, or even making a purchase.

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Here are some tips on creating a successful and engaging landing page.

Below, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best website builders in 2018. We’ll also discuss their features, why they are awesome, and tell you everything you need to know to choose the best landing page building for your case. Unbounce Landing Page Builder Unbounce is another well-established name in the world of digital marketing.

However, they specialize in providing solutions that compliment your marketing efforts.

Their Landing Page Builder is extremely easy to use, and it’s compatible with WordPress, making it a winning combination for DIY marketers of all levels.

Hosting Yes The hosting is included in their services, but you can also choose to host them on your own servers. Optimization Features Unbounce takes a slightly different approach and focuses on reducing bounce rates through dedicated landing pages.

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That being said, it still has a number of optimization features, including: Popup forms and other engaging CTAs красивые сайты визитки A flexible editor лендинг для iphone Fast loading times More than 125 templates built with conversion best practices in mind Independent analytics feature продажа с сайта визитки testing features Can be integrated to WordPress Responsiveness Yes Unbounce has an awesome responsiveness, but it may be tricky to set up. Make sure you take your time and don’t give up until you figure out how to get it perfect. Customization The landing pages you create with Unbounce can be customized to the tee. Especially if you consider they don’t use a grid system like others on this list!

Analytics Yes With a set of independent statistics and the ability to connect to Google Analytics, you’ll have everything you need to identify trends and make the necessary adjustments. GetResponse Landing Pages GetResponse is one of the fastest growing digital marketing platforms available.

They offer a full suite of services that include email, marketing automation, and of course, a landing page creator. Loaded with different features, this custom landing page builder can help give you online efforts a huge boost. Hosting Yes You can host your landing page for free with GetResponse as long as you use a subdomain or use your own hosting service. Optimization Features GetResponse also comes with numerous optimization features.

These include: Dynamic templates with high conversion rates Large internal stock image library The ability to publish through different domains A/B testing features A vast collection of forms Can be integrated with different platforms All templates available in GetResponse are 100% responsive, so they accommodate to the screen продажа с сайта визитки being watched on.

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When it comes to customization, GetResponse allows you to edit landing page layout and other visual elements.

At the same time, you can add links to your social media profiled to improve your visibility.

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