Delphi diesel centers for the secondary market

Delphi Technologies is one of the few who develop and produces diesel and gasoline and gas control systems. The proportion of Delphi Technologies in the market of diesel systems for heavy and passenger automotive equipment. So, produced by the company Diesel systems installed by almost a quarter of the world fleet of cargo machinery and […]

How long Lada Vesta will remain a «pearl» AvtoVAZ

Today, the most advanced and high-quality product of the Russian automotive industry will undoubtedly be called the Lada Vesta car. Recently, a 500 thousand car left the plant in Izhevsk. The model is sold for five years. For the automotive industry, the term is sufficient to think about the facelifting or release of the upgraded […]


Surely every motorist heard that annoying braking noise, for example, when you drive up to the traffic light. The sound is different: a high whistle, screeching, creaking or grinding. Brake noise can be one of the first signs that with your brakes are not all right and something happens to them. Let’s talk more about […]

In the country «contract» abundance

Our legislation is quite liberal in terms of the engine replacement during the repair of the car. About the possibility of simple engine replacement directly nothing says, but also to replace the engine seems to be not prohibited. This, naturally, affects the market of used engines. They are also called «contract» — the demand for […]

Crawling expansion, or as the Chinese enter Russia from the south

How often the information flashes reports that there are certain new models on our market. At the same time, Chinese names flashed in them. But if you keep your hand on the pulse of such messages, then the attentive look does not dwell, that in them, everything more often flashes Meanwhile, the Chinese automaker leads […]

Even more comfortable, still safer.

Automotive suspension is a dynamic system directly affecting safety and comfort when operating a vehicle. The technical condition of this system determines the behavior of the car in various conditions of movement, especially this applies to parameters such as the braking path, the grip of the wheels with the road, acceleration, or follow the curvilinear […]

New reality of the car service market.

The current situation, which pretended in the country’s automotive market, has not yet given an accurate designation. Some call it «new normality», others — «new reality», but this does not change the essence. Evolutionary changes in VMIG became revolutionary. And this is the main characteristic of the past year. Now the main thing is to […]

Car blowing

Now they are in our country exactly 750 thousand. Back in mid-year, statistics reported on 724 thousand pieces. And although the Renault Logan sedan, which today in the Russian fleet takes the fourth line among foreign cars, skipping ahead Kia Rio, Hyundai Solaris and Ford Focus, but he took a special place in Russia, became […]

Big chinese jump-2020

Once a long time ago, more than half a century ago, the Chinese leader of Mao Jie Tong announced the «big jump» policy in the People’s Republic of China. The Chinese Communist Party was the goal to achieve high values in the smelting of steel, the production of rice, etc. Today, unlikely to remember this. […]

New MAZ will conquer Russia

For the Minsk Automotive Plant, the Russian market is strategic, despite the fact that in recent years, Belarusian producers have conducted policies of multi-vector. Under this concept was understood by the search But today we are talking about buses of the MAZ brand. They have proven themselves on routes in Russian cities. The fact is […]