How the Chinese will teach Russians to pickpaths

Full-sized pickups are popular with American motorists, this fact does not require evidence. It so historically happened that the Americans living are often far from the city, on their ranch, such a car performed the functions not so much passenger, how many small truck. Conveniently: and passengers to carry, and some kind of throw up. […]

Will Renault leave Russia?

The presentation of the new strategy of the French automaker Renault, held on January 14 in Paris, produced in our country the effect of the «broken bomb». Everything is just because in this document, the main provisions of which were reflected in the affordable presentation on the company’s website, denoted the directions of development of […]

Have you tried to «cross» the crossover and minivan?

User splash Save the situation should a new car, What target audience is the new model calculated? For a large family, domestic car market is still able to offer only big, 7-8 local crossovers. There are simply no other options, if, of course, do not plan a minibus purchase (practically meaningless occupation, if the car […]

Where are Czech trucks Liaz missing?

In the famous Kininomedy Leonid Gaidai «Caucasian captive» there is a funny episode. According to the plot of the film, Extravagant Trinity: Coward, Balbes and Chattering Chase Beyond the main heroine who escaped from them, use a car refrigerator. Today, if you hold a survey among our readers, it is unlikely that anyone can name […]

Hello, New Sandero.

If we have in Russia among the automotive audience the greatest interest caused a recent presentation of the new car And it is natural, because in the old continent’s market two bestseller from the Romanian automaker — the Duster crossover and Sandero hatchback with his version of StepWay. In turn, Logan from Romanian automobiles is […]

IT-Revolution in Autobeholes

Digital solutions today change business, including car and service. But how exactly does it happen? At what point the head of the service, for example, makes the decision to introduce a new IT product in my company? Why this is this? What can he ease the life of servicemen and their customers? What else can […]

Chinese «Heart» of Russian cars

Today, no one will surprise that in the engine compartment of a car or commercial vehicles installed engine produced in China. Here it is necessary to make a slight retreat. China created a powerful engine building industry. On the territory of the subway, motor-building factories of both foreign automakers and their own are erected. Plants […]

Year with Hyundai Mobility: the first results

Hyundai sums up the first year of the online subscription service to Hyundai Mobility. Presentation of the platform and the official launch of Hyundai Mobility took place exactly a year ago — October 14, 2019. This was preceded by active work on the project, which started in May last year. The starting point in the […]

Dayco in partnership with Maserati — hybrid technology optimization

Dayco company, as a leading specialist in the field of drive systems and components of engines for the automotive industry and after-sales service, is not only considered a preferred provider of solutions and high-tech components for original equipment worldwide, but also a strategic technical partner in the development and production of full systems. A recent […]

Goodbye Ssangyong

volume_up Recall that SsangYong was the fifth largest Korean automaker in South Korea, yielding Hyundai, Daewoo, Kia, Samsung. Since its foundation in 1954, the automaker chose a specialization for himself — Army SUVs. Later, the company was engaged in the production of buses, trucks and special equipment. But off-road specialization is not only preserved, but […]