LEDs for the replacement of H4 / H7 from OSRAM: budget lamps with official warranty

OSRAM brings to the market a new range of automotive LED lamps, designed to replace standard halogen light sources: Ledriving family products, which are characterized by the optimal price ratio and operational characteristics. The first novelties are LED lamps on the replacement of standard H4 and H7 in the head optics — will be on […]

When Russia rests on electric cars

Today in the motorist environment a lot of conversations about electric vehicles. Everyone tries on himself, and whether the electrocar will suit him: how many kilometers he drives the day, whether the battery charging is enough for this mileage, etc. But so far this virtual fitting is not supported by the real development of the […]

The Chinese in Russia changed the leader

If we consider long-term trends, the Russian automotive market is becoming more and more Asian. 10 years ago, in aggregate to Japanese, Korean and Chinese brands, we had a third of new cars (33.6%). Today, in 2020, after the rapid growth of the beginning of the decade and fall and the stagnation of his second […]


Old familiar scooter. Almost 10 years ago, in China, this low-speed electric car (and in fact the scooter is an electric vehicle) strongly changed: got up on 4 wheels and acquired new external forms similar to a passenger car. Little of. For him, they developed their own standard as for a low-speed four-wheeled electric vehicle. […]

Mahle Plus — Join now!

To improve the comfort, safety and efficiency of operation, the technologies used in the automotive industry are becoming more complicated. The requirements for maintenance of cars are growing. In the face of Mahle, the owners of the service station and specialists of the car service have acquired a strong partner on which they are relying […]

Electromobile Eurocommunism

The European Commission, which is the Government of the European Union, recently voiced the plans, according to which by 2030, the fleet of electric vehicles should be 30 million electric vehicles. Electrification of transport is a large-scale task set up to the automotive industry of the old continent. Officials from Brussels dream that Europe will […]

Between Cummins, Mercedes-Benz and YMZ

On December 199, 1975, the first Kama diesel engine was designed from the conveyor of the plant of engines «KamAZ». From now on, it was the start of the country’s dieselization process. Today, few people remember that the decisions of the next XXIV congress of the party were delivered to the strategic task in the […]

Nissan Qashqai reveals the secrets of the new generation

Skoda Karoq is appointed main competitor to the next generation of Nissan Qashqai. Next generation of the Nissan Qashqai crossover. The British edition of Autocar stated that it had officially confirmed facts about the third generation of a popular car. It turns out that his creators decided that he would be a competitor to Skoda […]

Chinese trucks are ready for the second wave in Russia

As you know, the first wave of Chinese trucks flooded the Russian market in 2004. It was so unusual, and was characterized by the fact that it was mainly represented by construction dump trucks with unusual brand names for our ear: Howo, Hanya, Shaanxi, BeiFeng Benchi, Faw, Foton, Jac, Nord Benz, etc. Our cargo transporters […]

How Russia has grown to German and French engines

Kaluga became a new center of Motor Building in the Russian Federation. A successful design of the creation from scratch of motor production, which became an example for Hyundai, which began to build a new engine factory in St. Petersburg, implemented in Kaluga Plant for the production of engines in Kaluga has already released more […]