Who pulls Volvo

Old car brands of Europe have a different fate. Just look at Czech Skoda or Swedish Volvo, or British Land Rover, Jaguar, Bentley or Rolls Roys. But each of them was able to survive only in «marriage». Alas, but these are the rules of the game on the global automotive market. Skoda «Happy Marriage» with […]

What will come to shift Lada Vesta

Today, after Renault’s strategy called Renaulution was published, many after attentive acquaintance and study had a losticated question: and what will replace in the Lada model range after in 2025, according to this strategy, the popular family of domestic cars Lada Vesta will leave in history? Our channel also wondered by this issue, and we […]

Why the old 2-liter motor on the new Renault Duster is left.

Today, on February 11, an online presentation of the new SUV RENAULT DUSTER took place. This model completes the update of the crossover line of the French automaker in Russia. Recall, in the summer of 2019, a coupe crossover Renault Arkana was presented. Last year, Renault Kaptur was updated. And after the preparation of production […]

How the Chinese auto industry conquers Russian car market

Portrait of «Chinese» in the interior of the Russian car market It is not a secret for anyone that one of the directions of foreign trade expansion was the export of cars. The rapidly developing Chinese auto industry, being one of the largest in the world, could not simply be clicked within the domestic market, […]

Russia has grown to the American motor

The weakest link in the Russian automotive industry is the lack of a modern diesel engine for light commercial vehicles. A gas group for its «Gazelles» and «Valdaev» found them in China, at the factory in Beijing, from which it has been supplying Cummins ISB diesel engines for 10 years. But it seems that the […]

These unnecessary right-hand goods

The government again retreated in the fight against the import of Japanese used In December of the current year, a temporary preferential regime of the importation of right-hand drives without installing the Era-Glonass emergency call system was supposed. Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustine on Thursday, December 3, ordered to extend the import of right-hand drives […]

Availability of products in stock and high level of customer service — key success on the eve of the season

Today we will talk to — In the spring of us, like all market players, touched the situation with COVID19. First, our wholesale customers simply stopped buying goods — they did not know how the market situation would develop. Then, you remember, in the country began to introduce certain restrictions — it added pessimism. Analysts […]

Encyclopedia of Lada popularity

In the market of new cars in Russia, fallen by 9% last year, Daily in Russia to buyers open the doors of 300 Lada branded salons. Last year, from the gate of these dealerships left The leader remained the same — Interesting data in But today Russians acquired mainly Lada Vesta with a manual gearbox. […]

How to save your car from theft — Lifehaki car owners

Installation on your car alarm (even if the latest development itself) is not the only possible way to prevent an attempt to hijack. And as practice shows — also not the most reliable! Statistics of car hijacking clearly indicates that hackers quickly find opposition, solving new digital protection schemes. We bring to your attention the […]

How to save on brake pads

One of the key responsibilities of the competent specialist of the fleet responsible for functioning and / or maintenance of rolling stock — select such friction pairs (brake shoe + brake disc), which most best meet specific operational tasks. Only in this case it will be possible to ensure maximum savings and unconditional road safety. […]