In Russia, instead of Renault Logan will be Taliant.

The expected Renault Logan of the third generation in the Russian market will not be a copy presented in late September Another budget model will apply for the third generation of our Logan. The thing is that the first patent images of a previously unknown Renault sedan called Taliant appeared. It is assumed that this […]

Who will take up Cummins, YAMZ or MERCEDES-BENZ

The problem of equipping modern buses with effective power units today in Russia is solved finally and irrevocable. But for this I had to go through a huge path of more than three decades. Today, it is strangely perceived by the fact that in the country where the emphasis was placed on the development of […]

Car, «blowing» Russian market

This event was ten years old. Then the «revolution» occurred on the Russian automotive market. Her at first practically did not notice. But today, with its consequences, every automaker operating in the Russian Federation and producing cars here is forced. The fact is that on September 21, 2010, a solemn opening ceremony of the Korean […]

As the Turkish cargoant rose from Russia.

When a pandemic began last year, then among the news the automotive tape prevailed information that interruptions with the supply of autocomponents and auto parts from China had a negative effect on the pace of assembling Russian cars. There was an impression that the domestic auto industry strongly depends on the subway. Indeed, this is […]

Belts for servicing variators of snowmobiles and quad bikes

One of the famous manufacturers of variator belts for motorcycles is Dayco. Its portfolio presents the belts of the variator for a large number of models and varieties of snow farte and ATV technology. For variator transmissions, Dayco motorcycles offers belts of three basic classes. Each of them corresponds to the engine power and features […]

Check brakes in the car service.

Preparing the client’s car to operate in a warm period of time, it is extremely important not only to set the tire season on it, but also check the brake system, which was operated in winter in high load mode. Watch for seasonality The so-called «seasonal sentences» as a complex of targeted monitoring and diagnostic […]

Why the Russian auto industry approxes the Chinese «head»

Cooperation between Russian and Chinese automakers is not limited only by the supply of engines. A huge foreign trade turnover between countries falls on autocomponents, nodes and aggregates. But recently a new page has been opened in such cooperation. How «Dragon» shared «head» with gas Surely Quint-Essence of such a turn to the east will […]

Why Lada will never catch up with Czech Škoda.

The automotive world of Europe these days notes the 30th anniversary of the signing of a merger agreement between Volkswagen Group and the Czech automaker ŠKODA (April 16, 1991). Since then, the Czech brand has become a leader in a small European state in a major international player, which are sold in more than 100 […]

Quality without compromise

«Welcome to Lesjöfors!» — Such a sign welcomes everyone entering a small Swedish town. On the right, the factory, to the left there are several cozy houses. For the eye of a traveling tourist, traveling in modern Sweden, such a harmony of industry and pristine nature will be in the wonder. In this natural silence, […]

Russian gas is given a delay for a year

Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska is the owner of one of the largest assets in the Russian automotive industry. It became known that he received another deferment from the sanction removal until January 26, 2022. The former Verdict of the Ministry of Finance USA installed Dedine on March 21, 2021. The Office for Foreign Activities of […]