Продажа товаров через одностраничный сайт

Снимите какое-то интересное и оригинальное рекламное видео для посадочной страницы, которое сможет заинтересовать.

Сделайте фотографию, которая будет давать обоснование полезности товара или услуги. Лендинг в красноярске поделиться информацией о себе Данный этап очень важный и смысл это состоит в том, чтобы узнать информацию о ваших потенциальных покупателях.

Здесь можно создать какую-либо форму для заполнения посетителя, в которой нужно ввести ФИО и почту.

Очень важно быть лаконичным и рассказать, что эти данные будут храниться в защите.

Также, для привлечения интереса можете предложить какой-нибудь подарок.

Кстати, размещать такую форму лучше всего в правом верхнем углу на продающей странице.

Объясняется это тем, что большинство людей читают слева направо. К тому же, по статистике такой вариант дают отличный результат.

Если же эта форма будет размещена слева, то похоже это будет больше на какое-то требование.

Так-же рекомендуем размещать ссылки на форму заказа через каждые 3-4 экрана прокрутки, отталкиваясь от общей длинны в том числе.

Возможно человек захочет раньше уже купить, не дочитывая весь побуждающий текст посадочной лендинг в красноярске Landing Page, до конца.

Запасной вариант Большинство посетителей вашей страницы не станут сразу же тратить свои деньги и покупать ваш товар.

Предложите своим клиентам подписаться на вас в социальных сетях, предложите скачать что-то бесплатно, добавить страницу в закладку или сделать напоминание.

В общем, сделать что-то, чтобы лендинг в красноярске вернулся к вам! Мотивация к действию в Landing Page Последний элемент вашей продающей 1 страницы, наверное, самый важный.

Линдос отель

Здесь вам нужно разместить или написать что-то, что реально будет мотивировать посетителя сделать конкретное действие. Как правило, это кнопка, нажатие на которую перемещает клиента на конкретное место на вашем сайте.

Крайне важно, чтобы этот элемент был простой и понятный! Правильно оформите и разместите все лендинг в красноярске landing page, и вы точно получите отличный результат!

35 Best Landing Page WordPress Themes 2018 After months of development and research, your latest product is ready. You’d like to give it the best possible chance to succeed in your chosen marketplace by creating a landing page – but without additional plugins, most themes don’t offer suitable functionality out of the box. A landing page is a fantastic way to showcase your latest product.

Visitors to your site can see images, watch video, and read user testimonials and tech specs, all in one place – and all the while you get to send them down the sales funnel, ready and waiting at the end to exchange their interest into cold, hard cash. Fortunately, there are plenty of WordPress themes that enable you to create stylish лендинг в красноярске engaging landing лэндинг для художника pages with ease, and below, you’ll find over thirty of the best to start building interest, generating leads, and making that all-important sale. Landkit Landing pages are a great way to convert people on the fence about your product or service into full-fledged, paying customers. It goes without saying that a compelling design goes a long way towards boosting sales. LandKit could be just the theme to help you achieve that. There are 12 home page designs to choose from within LandKit, and each can be installed with one click.

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This is a great way to get started quickly, or to simply discover what you can do with the theme. To tweak your landing page further, you can use the bundled Hybrid Composer plugin to construct it, choosing from over 70 different elements and 12 header styles.

There’s much more on offer with LandKit, including a selection of Google and Typekit fonts, hundreds of menu options and icons, a portfolio builder, comprehensive documentation, round-the-clock support, and a wealth of additional elements and features.

While many themes promise much but deliver below expectations, LandKit can hold its head up high. It’s a stellar theme for building not only a landing page, but an entire website. Landing It doesn't take more than a glance to see that Landing  is the fruit of considerable labor. One might not unreasonably call it the ultimate landing pages theme for WordPress, лендинг в красноярске the breadth and depth of its functionality and flexibility. Visually speaking, Landing is dominated by full screen media and a scrolling parallax effect.

It's pretty well executed, but nothing new in itself. Where Landing truly shines is in its drag and drop layout builder, coupled with a plethora of landing page templates. You're likely to be able to find a landing page design specific to your requirements. Once you've found it, you can import the demo data, then just replace it as you see fit with your own copy and media. If you're not particularly tech-savvy and you want a theme to hold your hand through the design process, Landing could be for you.

Stratus One of the final steps for your finished product is convincing people to buy it with a strong landing page.

For a theme focused not only on design, but on generating leads from your landing page, look to Stratus .

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Customizations are accessed from a dashboard admin panel, and in addition to parallax background images, a full лендинг премиум color palette, and over 700 Google Fonts, Stratus’ custom drag-and-drop page builder enables you to create almost any landing page layout. For prominently displaying information ‘above the fold’, Stratus enables easy header customization – with the choice of either a sticky or transparent header based on user scrolling. Full-screen images and calls to action can be displayed prominently with the bundled Master Slider Pro plugin.

To help convert leads to sales, Stratus is compatible with the Formidable Forms plugin, and includes a number of form templates to get you up and running. Themovation have provided a downloadable Photoshop file for landing page mockups, along with a child theme, so that your customizations aren’t compromised by theme updates.

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If you like any aspect of the demo content, it can be imported from an XML file within the dashboard. Overall, Stratus is a well-thought out theme, and offers you almost everything to create a strong landing page and turn leads into sales.

Leadx Leadx is a clean and well designed theme dedicated to helping you create incredible landing pages лендинг в красноярске and simply.

It comes with five attractive and modern demos to choose from, each one designed to help you optimize your sales funnel.

You can install each demo with just one click, then add your content, and you’re ready to go.

If the demos aren’t for you, it’s easy to rearrange components or build your page from scratch with the intuitive Visual Composer, which is лендинг в красноярске with the theme.

The authors have also created seven pre-built form templates ready for integration with the free Contact Form 7 or premium Gravity Forms plugins. This makes it even easier to get started and most importantly, get selling. To add interest and functionality to your pages you can choose from dozens of elements, including Google Maps, progress bars, and buttons.

You can also easily change colors, styles, headers, and fonts (including Google Fonts) within the customizer.

If you want to add more interest to your page, the Slider Revolution plugin has lots to offer and comes as part as part of the theme package. If you’re a beginner and looking for a no-fuss approach to create an enticing landing page, Leadx could be the theme for you.

TheGem Top to bottom, your landing page should ‘wow’ visitors.

After all, this will be the first impression – and a great first impression delivered by a theme such as TheGem could increase interest and ultimately improve conversions.

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The first element in a good landing page is a strong hero section, and in this regard, TheGem has you covered.

It comes bundled with three high-quality slider plugins to create full screen calls to action – Slider Revolution, LayerSlider, and NivoSlider.

When it comes to the rest of your layout, you can choose from one of over 150 demo templates, and if you have specific requirements you can employ the bundled лендинг бижутерия Visual Composer plugin to create almost any layout imaginable.

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