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Here’s another cool one: Instapage’s analytics come with heat maps.

These allow you to gain some insight into how visitors behave on your landing page by tracking mouse clicks, movement, how far your visitors scroll, and where on the page they spend the most time.

Note: Heatmaps are only available for the Optimer plan and up. Collaborative workspace Instapage also offers an easy way to collaborate with different members of your team.

This allows anyone to review, edit, and comment on pages and campaigns before publishing. Intuitive interface and ease of use Instapage’s interface is widely regarded as the easiest to use. Everything including the editor, widgets, and functionality are easy to use and create, making the entire process quick and painless, and ideal for beginners new to the landing page space. Built-in analytics tools This is by far one of the best features when it comes to Instapage.

Rather than simply track your analytics as your campaign goes live, you can set up conversion goals right in the Editor. Once there, in the right-hand dropdown menu, you’ll find sections called Conversion Goals and Analytics. In the Conversion Goals section, you can set specific goals to track in your analytics.

In the Analytics section, you can add Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Tag manager, etc. Third-Party Integrations: Instapage integrates with most of the major email providers, including: MailChimp ActiveCampaign AWeber Campaign Monitor Constant Contact E-goi GetResponse GoToWebinar Update: Hubspot Mad Mimi Zoho Autopilot (Pro+) Infusionsoft (Pro+) Salesforce (Pro+) Zapier (Pro+) WebHooks (Premium) Possible Drawbacks It’s only for landing pages This one isn’t necessarily a con.

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In fact, if you’re looking just for landing pages, it’s a mark in Instapage’s favor. That said, it lacks some of the features of the other software on the list, like leadboxes, etc.

While it’s Core plan isn’t exactly exorbitant, it isn’t exactly cheap either. Compared to the other software offering similar features, it’s pricier than some on the list, and doesn’t come with the ability to produce pop-ups. Pricing: 14-day free trial Pay monthly: Core: $79/month Optimizer: $129/month Team and Agency: $229/month Enterprise: Customized Pay annually: Core: $69/month Optimizer: $9/month Team and Agency: $179/month Enterprise: Customized Bottom Line: Instapage is excellent if you plan to produce landing pages and landing pages only. If you want the extra bells and whistles, you may be better off with a different software.

Unbounce Landing Page Software Review  As the first to hit the market, Unbounce introduced many to the лендинг пейдж челябинск of landing page software.

Over time, it’s remained one of the best available due to its easy and flexible interface. Like Instapage, the drag and drop editor allows you to place elements anywhere on the page rather than being confined to specific rows лендинг пейдж челябинск spaces. Best Features: Dynamic text replacement Not surprisingly, Unbounce was the first to roll out dynamic text replacement.

This automatically swaps out keywords on the page to match the keywords that a user searched for.

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No longer do separate landing pages need to be created for separate keywords it’s a one-size-fits-all template now.

Note that competitor Instapage also offers dynamic text replacement. Landing Page Software While all software on this list offer A/B testing, Unbounce offers it at all pricing levels. Even its most basic plan comes with the ability to test different page elements and creatives and view visitor stats in real time. Unbounce convertibles You know these best as pop-ups. You control who sees the pop-ups and when by customizing triggers and target rules.

So, you can choose to show the pop-up to someone when they arrive to your site, when they’re about to leave, after a short delay, as they scroll, or when лендинг пейдж челябинск click directly on the form.

Beyond that, you can choose who the pop-ups are shown to by allowing them on only certain URLs at custom frequencies, show or hide them to visitors from specific traffic sources, target by location, or use cookie targeting (based on a user’s browser history).

Customer support All заказать лендинг минск йокерит of the software here offer customer support, but it tends to vary depending on the plan level you choose. The software offers phone, chat, and email support at all plan levels.

Third-party Integrations Unbounce offers a good amount of email, CRM and analytics integrations, including: Zapier MailChimp WordPress Hubspot Marketo Salesforce Script Manager Possible Drawbacks: Fewer template options While Unbounce does allow access to the Themeforest Marketplace, лендинг для рекламы мобильного приложения it’s built-in templates лендинг пейдж челябинск lacking compared to those of its competitors.

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Not as many features Unbounce templates don’t support some of the more impressive features that the other softwares offer, including countdown timers and a checkout option. Pricing: 30-day free trial Pay monthly: Essential: $99/month Premium: $199/month Enterprise: $$499+/month Pay annually: Essential: $79/month Premium: $159/month Enterprise: $399+/month Bottom Line: It’s hard to go wrong with Unbounce. It offers all the flexibility and customization needed to create compelling landing pages лендинг пейдж челябинск pop-ups, though it is a steeper price point than most similar software. Leadpages Landing Page Software Review  Currently, Leadpages is one of the leaders when it comes to landing page software. It offers its users unlimited page creation designed specifically to collect email addresses.

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With Leadpages, users get access to 126 and counting professionally designed standard templates plus 136 drag and drop templates as well as LeadBox pop-ups.

The templates are available for a myriad of uses, including: Landing Page Software Webinar Pages Thank You Pages Upsell Pages Launch Pages 404 Pages Checkout Pages Podcasts Contest Pages Facebook landing pages What really helps separate Leadpages from the pack is that offers unlimited page creation, traffic, and leads, even at the basic plan level. Best Features: Two landing page editors Unlike Instapage and Unbounce, LeadPages offers two landing page editors.

One is more basic and designed for those new to landing page creation.

This one uses a more basic point and click format to make simple edits to the page.

The other is a drag and drop editor, similar to what the other two offer. This gives you much more freedom to arrange and add more лендинг пейдж челябинск elements to the page. The former is great for those looking to simply load the landing page as quickly as possible, while the latter gives users the option to add more advanced widgets.

Landing Page Software Checkouts and countdown timer Speaking of advanced widgets, these are two of my favorite from Leadpages. which lets visitors make purchases right from a leadpage or leadbox. After, it sends customer data directly to your integrations, adds them to your CRM, triggers an email about their purchase, and adds them to the customer segment of your email list.

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