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A further crucial consideration for any landing page is the call to action button, and Thrive enables you to customize any aspect – from the text it displays, to the color and size – so your calls to action can match your exact design standards. Thrive have also included a number of templates that have been logically bundled together to offer your visitors a complete, start to finish experience – at last count there were a whopping 122 templates to look through, with more being designed. Finally, Thrive Landing Pages integrates with most major marketing services (such as MailChimp and AWeber), and is translation ready – so marketing your product globally is a cinch. Overall, the Thrive Landing Pages plugin comes highly recommended to create both simple and complex landing pages.

Landing Page Themes Pillar Pillar is a multipurpose theme with a bevvy of pre-built layouts to choose from. Within those you’ll find nine landing page templates, each tailored to suit listings, products, or services.

With a chic, modern backdrop and tons of customization, you have everything you need to create just about any website. Pillar has over 110 ready to use demo pages and offers one-click installation to make everything quick and simple. When you need to make changes, or if you’d prefer to start from scratch, editing is a breeze with the bundled Visual Composer plugin.

You can tailor all of your pages to exactly fit your needs with over 150 unique content blocks.

Carefully curated font pairs and over 2,000 premium icons will no doubt help you along the way. Features like SEO-friendly markup and integrated MailChimp support make this an ideal choice to help you generate and convert leads.

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Urip While important considerations for some are how many plugins are bundled with a theme, or how many widgets and sidebars you can create, for others the look is just as important (as it should be!). For a theme focused on enabling extensive customization of your landing page, consider Urip . The developers, Ninetheme, have put customization in Urip front and center.

From the custom admin panel you can tweak almost any element – among other options, there is a full color palette, and over 600 Google Fonts.

If you can’t find the right typeface within those, the admin panel enables you to upload custom fonts. Купить портмоне мужское на одностраничном сайте includes 15 custom sections (including testimonials and carousels), and almost all included elements have a shortcode – enabling you to place elements almost anywhere within your design. Prominent calls to action can be created with the bundled Revolution Slider plugin, and If you need to customize your landing page even further, you can do so with the bundled Visual Composer plugin. Ninetheme are looking to get you started quickly – they offer video tutorials купить портмоне мужское на одностраничном сайте extensive documentation, and the demo content лендинг под мобильные устройства has been made available via a one-click option in the admin panel.

With free lifetime updates included in the price, Ninetheme have committed to development over the long-term. In Urip, Ninetheme have created a workhorse landing page theme, while sidestepping the bloat found with other themes. If you’re looking for a heavily customizable theme without unnecessary features, Urip is ideal.

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Fusion When it comes to concept, Fusion is a long way from revolutionary. However, first impressions are not everything, and underneath a very good-looking exterior is a professional and polished theme.

Retina-ready (with 1,500 retina-ready icons included), Fusion demonstrates usability across numerous devices, making it купить портмоне мужское на одностраничном сайте for its main purpose: presenting apps and the companies that make them. For instance, although a small consideration, adding separate home pages – one for the app, and one for the company – is noteworthy and worthwhile. Fusion is equipped with everything one could hope for in a theme, with its own shortcode builder, and many customizable options including: colors, responsive sliders, custom post types, galleries, and hundreds of fonts.

There’s купить портмоне мужское на одностраничном сайте support for multiple languages, and much more – and that’s just in the back end.

The front end is just as impressive and easy to navigate. Parallax, sliders, and images are generally robust, and attention has clearly gone into making the menus’ CSS3 effects perfect.

This all comes together to шкаф купе лендинг сайт create an enjoyable experience for anyone visiting your site. With all of its customization options and an attractive front end, Fusion is exceptional for any use, but particularly for mobile applications’ websites. Arlo When it comes to customer conversions, a well-designed landing page is crucial – and with a flexible theme such as Arlo you can create a stunning design. Arlo is definitely not a визитка сайт галицкий гдз one-trick pony, as evidenced by the wealth of demo sites available.

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For landing pages, we’re focusing on the one-page layout demo, which you can import to your site with one click to get up and running in a hurry. Купить портмоне мужское на одностраничном сайте additional design tweaks (or if you have your own design requirements), you can press the bundled Visual Composer plugin into service.

The theme is highly customizable, with over 600 Google Fonts to choose from, and a купить портмоне мужское на одностраничном сайте of custom shortcodes (including Google Maps, counters, and interactive elements) to enhance the look of your website. In addition, Arlo offers smooth scrolling, has impressive animations – especially on its portfolio pages – and looks gorgeous on high-resolution displays. We’re impressed by Arlo – it’s highly customizable and looks the business. It should go straight to the top of your shortlist regardless of the other contenders you’re considering.

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Divi On the surface, landing pages seem simple: write a captivating headline, add a hero image, and display a number of calls to action throughout. However, choose the wrong theme and you’ll quickly find yourself with a headache.

With Divi’s power, there’s no chance that you’ll end up reaching for the aspirin. As one of the most popular themes on the market, Divi has a well-earned reputation of offering quality design and top-notch support – as evidenced by its almost fanatical customer base. The centerpiece of the theme is the Divi Builder – an integrated drag-and-drop page builder that includes virtually everything you’ll need to create your website. Furthermore, each element can be heavily customized to your exact design requirements.

For those that want to get started straight away, there are 18 pre-made layouts to wysiwyg web builder лендинг choose from. Divi also comes bundled with a split testing tool called Divi Leads, enabling you to test different layouts to maximize conversions – perfect for creating high-converting landing pages. Overall, it’s hard to find anything negative to say about Divi.

It’s such a versatile and feature-rich theme that you could pay three times as much and still be getting a great deal.

Add it to your shortlist – you won’t be disappointed.

Kodax Kodax  is a beautiful full screen landing page theme that is both responsive and retina ready. More website than landing page, the theme includes a bevy of page templates, including full width, content with sidebar, price table, team, knowledge base and more. Kodax includes gallery options, so you can easily use the theme as a portfolio or design studio side.

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Built-in gallery types include Flexslider, Isotope, lightbox, video, audio and portfolio.

For customization options, this theme features 600+ Google fonts, 350+ Font Awesome icons, 23 custom shortcodes, five post formats, three blog styles and dark or light skins.

If you're an app developer, you'll love купить портмоне мужское на одностраничном сайте seven high-resolution smart object slides that Kodax comes with.

Leadinjection General purpose themes are perfectly acceptable for many types of websites, but for something as заголовок для лендинга important as a landing page, you may want to turn to a purpose-built product.

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