How Škoda overtakes competitors in Russia

The phenomenal result in the falling market of the Russian Federation in 2020 showed the Czech automaker ŠKODA. Among the first ten stamps of Russia’s leaders, only Škoda has increased sales.

Once, one of the employees of our channel editorial office was given the opportunity to visit the ŠKODA brand dealers in one large region of the country. The heads of the Alerts «The officials» complained that with two models (then OCTAVIA and Fabia were sold) difficult to attract customers and compete with other brands offering a much larger range of model range. Today, the Czech automaker is already twice as many models: Rapid, Octavia, Superb, Karoq, Kodiaq.

The expansion of the model range of the Czech brand ŠKODA has positively affected the position of the brand in the Russian market. Ten years ago, this brand ranked 12th in the top rating. He was overtaken in terms of sales such brands like Mitsubishi, Daewoo, Chevrolet, Ford. But today the Czech brand has become the sixth in Russia, having committed such a jump during this time. In 2020, the Czech brand went around even such a worshiped Russian market as Japanese Toyota.

ŠKODA in 2020 in Russia increase amounted to + 6.8%. All other stamps that are included in the top ten of the Russian market have reduced sales by showing negative dynamics, which demonstrates a chart well.

Recall that from Volkswagen Group, the Russian market is supervising the Czech company ŠKODA.

Last year, the Czech brand has occurred on sale in the Russian Federation of three new products. In the summer there was a change of generations of the most popular model in Russia

Liftbek Škoda Rapid successfully started and took 15th place in the ranking of the most popular cars in Russia. However, the credit did not include about 9 thousand «Rapids» of the last generation, which were sold in the first half of the year.

Also in Top-25, Škoda Octavia and Kodiaq entered. On their background, the KaroQ crossover debut looks somewhat unsuccessful. He did not enter the top 25 of the Russian market with a sales volume of more than 13 thousand.

Table. The most popular new models in the Russian Federation

What does the position of the Czech brand look like in the global market?

ŠKODA AUTO in the seventh time became a millionmist brand. The automaker managed to sell 1,004,800 cars to customers worldwide in 2020. And this despite the serious problems associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Like in past years, the main market for the Czech company became

Second capacity Regional Market —

The third largest market

In countries

What is the popularity of individual ŠKODA models we have shown in the table below. Škoda Octavia Almost two decades holds the title of the most popular «skodberry». The Compact crossover ŠKODA KAROQ was released on the second place, which was able to get ahead of the senior model of the SUV class — Kodiaq. Rapidly gaining popularity of «Junior Member of the SUV Team» — Škoda Kamiq.

But the «failure» of the year can be called the results of the Golf Class of ŠKODA SCALA. According to the place of marketers, this model was supposed to become a «cheap analogue» Volkswagen Golf. But so far to the popularity of Golf is still very far away.

table 2

Model range of ŠKODA AUTO in 2020