Future Market: Bosch received orders for car computers for billions of euros

In modern cars, the intellectual component is of great importance, and Bosch’s side computers provide it to the fullest. These new universal automotive electronics devices include more and more functions of individual control units in central, high-power electronic modules. For more than a year, serial cars are equipped with bosch onboard computers that control the […]

In the spring, the new «Ural» will begin the battle with KAMAZ

The construction dump truck market is perhaps the most dynamic and competitive segment in the domestic market of freight technology. Today, his role has increased significantly, as in connection with the implementation of the national project «Safe and high-quality roads 2.0», and programs of preferential mortgage are played by their mediated role, spurring the development […]

The outcome of cars from Russia continues

The drying of the model series of foreign automakers in Russia began from the period 2014-2015, after the country has occurred the devaluation of the national currency and the cutting of the car market. Our channel detail Washing the most intense models is simply explained, sales of such cars do not justify the overcoming of […]

What will happen to DUSTER?

The Renault Moscow office keeps full silence about when, finally, Russian motorists will see the second generation of the popular Duster crossover. So far, on the part of official representatives of the French company, we are seeing an informational vacuum. Meanwhile, many unofficial information is condensed around this car. He is seen on the Ryazan […]

Goodbye Datsun.

On December 10, the serial release of cars of the Datsun brand was over the assembly corpus «SCP-KALINA» AvtoVAZ. The conveyor of domestic auto giant left the last car of the Japanese brand. Now Russian brand dealers will only sell inventory, after which the life cycle of the brand in the Russian Federation will be […]

Who is waiting for a new Opel Astra in Russia

The German brand Opel spreads goodbye to the Russian market in 2015. Not for whom it did not become a secret, which, at the heart of such a demarcha, lay a political moment, expressed in the deterioration of relations between Russia and the United States of the President of the President of Barack Obama. At […]

They will be worn for our market

Against the background of the sale of car sales on the Russian car market, the number of models presented in the salons of official dealers is reduced. Moreover, this process has been observed for a long time since 2014. Unambiguously, the former wealth of choice will not be. Automakers will scrupulously calculate whether it is […]

Effective MAHLE service solutions

To improve the comfort, safety and efficiency of operation, the technologies used in the automotive industry are becoming more complicated. The requirements for maintenance of cars are growing. In the face of Mahle, the owners of the service station and specialists of the car service have acquired a strong partner on which they are relying […]

Schaeffler launches serial production of electric motors

Currently, Schaeffler reaps the fruit of its decision to create a specialized business unit of electric transport, adopted three years ago, at the beginning of 2018. The production of the mass production of various products at all levels of electrification indicates the success of Schaeffler in the field of electric transport and confirms its status […]

Why Crossovers «captured» Russian car market.

The Russian automotive market, who experienced 9% recession last year due to various restrictions, nevertheless, showed new horizons. And one of the trends that continued on it was the growth of the crossovers segment. Now this segment of cars with increased clearance has become the main thing in the Russian Federation. According to AA Avtostat, […]