Availability of products in stock and high level of customer service — key success on the eve of the season

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In the spring of us, like all market players, touched the situation with COVID19. First, our wholesale customers simply stopped buying goods — they did not know how the market situation would develop. Then, you remember, in the country began to introduce certain restrictions — it added pessimism.

Analysts assumed that the market would fall percent of 50. We evaluated what was happening differently, predicting the fall by 15% 20%, no more. Now our forecast is justified, perhaps real results will even better. If nothing happens in November anymore, then our market will be restored. Only sales of April will be irrevocably lost. This is the period when the business tried to predict how the situation will develop, and when the market becomes recovered. I predicted that it would take place in the fall. NGK Spark Plug This has quite satisfied, as our season begins just during this period of time.

We perfectly understood that without sustainable work over the course of two months, the purchase of partners will be reduced. Therefore, they immediately tried to assess the speed of our recovery during the period when it happens.

After removing restrictions, people began to use cars more often than in the same period of 2019. And it immediately affected the demand of spare parts. So in mid-June, we became confidently talking about deferred demand.

Considering that July and August — the vacation season, internal tourism became popular with the closed borders. Fearing the closed space of aircraft and trains, people began to choose personal cars for travel — the runs rose sharply.

Due to the fact that travel is always conjugate with a long move, people often appealed to the services and garages for the preparation of the car, and after the journey came to the masters for checking or repairing. It not only increased demand, but even gave rise to the shortage of spare parts.

The season, indeed, is not far off. In his expectation, he will be successful that distributor and that channel of sales, which will be able to ensure the availability of goods for the end user.

When at the occurrence of colds, the client arises a problem, it comes to the store or service in order to quickly solve this problem. Accordingly, it is necessary to focus on the presence of products in the warehouse and ensuring a high level of service. And then the distributor will be successful.

The main from the elements of development NGK Spark Plug considers the garage segment. Due to the funds available to us, we are developing this direction for the last few years. To do this, we have a loyalty program and certification program for a hundred. We provide a hundred necessary information support and equipment.

As a manufacturer, NGK Spark Plug does everything to promote this sales channel. And those distributors that will develop this channel with us will be successful.

We are informationally supporting the maintenance stations — in fact, we promote them, as well as equip and support.

We provide informational materials, our visual identification banners — this creates a positive image. Car owners see the design, the level of confidence in the service station becomes higher.

The service station, which were audited by NGK Spark Plug, confirmed compliance with the requirements and received a certificate, receive and can use a tester for checking the spark plugs.

We place information about certified outlets on our website in the section «Where to buy». Buyer is enough to choose the city on the map. In the opening window, he will find a list of a hundred or retail stores that have been certified and meet the requirements and standards of NGK Spark Plug.