Where are Chinese city buses missing

Independent in the parks of Russian passenger carriers dominate domestic buses. These are «liases», «nefases», you can meet the Volgabus and Belarusian «Maza» somewhat less often. But another five or ten years ago, in many Russian cities, the park of city passenger machinery was very «diluted» by the buses of Chinese brands. Today their amount […]

A car monster appeared, who does not need Russia

All news tapes automotive themes had the news: «What about what so much time was told, finally happened!» What happened? The process of legal merger of the two world car giants is completed. Italian-American The head of PSA Carlos Tavares noted that the Alliance is not worth the task of becoming the largest in the […]

Why did the Ford gone from Russia puts «sticks in the wheels»

The Green Revolution unfolding in our eyes can be a strong blow to the rapid Russian automotive industry in the global car industry. And the first signs of this are already beginning to manifest. We are talking about First of the plans of Americans. The other day, Ford announced the transition to selling only electric […]

The Chinese comes to the Americans to Russia

The newest history of the Russian car market is connected with some events of which we can not pass. Recall, the most first foreign investors in the Russian auto industry became American companies — Ford The second American automaker — General Motors. He invested about $ 300 million in organizing a joint venture GM-AvtoVAZ, which […]

New vehicle inspection rules — more expensive and longer

For motorists, we have all the necessary conditions in our country. The roads are shown in the perfect condition, the autobahn knitted the whole country, high-speed routes, the highways, which the whole «backward Europe» envies, together with America. Of course, accidents have become less, the vigorous statistics confidently reports. And our traffic police officers are […]

Who will give us the right to repair

I am a participant in the Network of Diagnosts, which unites diagnostic specialists in the United States and in other countries of the world. Carefully follow the work of the forum, where participants are divided by the chalk care problems and jointly find decisions. Recently, more and more questions about the need to apply dealership […]

Where did the Chinese dump trucks disappear?

Even years old 10-15 years ago, Chinese dump trucks said loudly on the Russian market of construction equipment. It seemed that they penetrated all the corners of our immense country. They could be observed even on large-scale construction construction sites for international-level sports events. But today they are practically not visible. Our channel decided to […]

OSRAM LEDRIVING SL: advanced LED technology at an affordable cost

OSRAM is an updated LEDRIVING® SL LED Light Light, designed to upgrade car auxiliary lighting. The updated OSRAM LEDRIVING® SL range includes 30 positions of LED lamps for signal lighting and interior lighting, specially designed to replace standard light sources. The nomenclature presents lamps with 13 most common types of basements, the installation of which […]

Duster coming.

Today in the Russian market with a four-year delay, finally, the sales of the second generation Renault Duster crossover began. The Moscow office of the French automaker organized a press tour to Dagestan, where for journalists writing to car topics, test drives of the new crossover were arranged. Today, reports about these «pokatushki» flooded the […]

How KamAZ chased for the «big European seven» and what will come of

The competition between the domestic kamaz and the «large European seven» is moving into a special plane. No matter how much our country has lag behind the pace and the deadlines for the introduction of strict environmental norms and rules, and no matter how much our freight forwarders were dried toward advanced Europeans, but still […]